Why we are the most preferred website?

Cathy Williams , Teacher
Florida, United states
Love your site and use it as I am not given any materials from my district to support my Deaf/hard of hearing students and have to go and find my own, and you are a great place to get the support we teachers don't get from our counties. Thank you.
Taylor, Tutor
New York, United states
I absolutely love mathworksheets4kids.com. It has sped up my kids’ learning process. Everyday practice is the key to master math and with MW4K there’s no dearth for worksheets. Three levels of difficulty with adequate practice material are the biggest benefits.
Colette, Parent
Toronto, Canada
I had requested for Mean Absolute Deviation worksheets 2 days ago day and this morning I receive a mail with a link to the new set of PDFs on MAD. Unbelievable! The worksheets were really helpful. Thanks a ton!
Adel, Teacher
London, United kingdom
I check your website regularly. The new look is amazing. Navigation is super easy with the index bar. Thanks for making it ad free. It would be great if you could start English and Science as well.
Dave, Parent
RG, United kingdom
Hello there! Your worksheets are so easy to download. I downloaded the whole set in a jiffy. One thing I would like to see is links to study sharing sites you would suggest, although your worksheets are self-explanatory, this could really help.
Newton, Teacher
Queensland, Australia
...I love your site as it is an excellent resource for my students - especially my remedial class. I truly appreciate all of the work you put into your website!
Laura, Parent
London, United kingdom
I was recently introduced to mathworksheets4kids by a friend. I just went through your website and was honestly surprised to see Math, Science, Social Studies and English worksheets all @ just $19.95 a year, that’s what I call value for money.
Alok Mojharana, Parent
Odissa, India
Respected Sir, I am extremely happy with your all Math Worksheets. All are unique and beautiful. These worksheets are helping my children to know more about Math. I had never seen such unique creation. Hope , You will make more Worksheets in Science and English Subjects too. With Regards,Your Good Wisher.
Robert, Teacher
RG, United kingdom
Hi, Firstly, thanks for putting these resources together. As a high school teacher, I have found them to be relevant and rigorous worksheets for students to use and it has been money well spent on getting a membership.
Maya Shah, Teacher
Arizona, United states
Hi, I was just going through the photosynthesis worksheets. Clearly explained terms and diagrams helped my son understand the dark and light reactions so easily.
Jennifer Russell, Tutor
Tasmania, United states
I recently joined the site, and it looks very nice.  I teach at an alternative middle school and the students are years behind in grade level.  My job is to show them grade level work by finding easier material based on the same benchmarks.  Then, once they have a handle on that, to expose them to the actual grade level stuff.  I have all the grade level stuff ready to go, but the easier stuff I have to find/make.  This saves me a lot of time. However, where are the answers to the workbook pages?  Am I missing something? Thank you!
Janet Barr, Parent
Arizona, United states
Just wanted to thank you for generously extending my membership to my son back in April. He didn't use it then, but looked it over. He can use it now and has accessed worksheets for his 8th grade math class. Now he is signed up for his own account. Thank you for the wonderful preview!
Andrew Kiely, Teacher
NSW, Australia
Hi Mathworksheets4kids! First of all I absolutely love the site, it is amazing and has worksheets that are for all abilities and are well organized. Just wondering if you have any worksheets for triangle congruence tests and similar triangle tests. Thanks for all the hard work! Cheers!
Lupita, Parent
California, United states
I recently came across your site and I love it. I want more people to know about your site and see how great it is. I placed several links in my teacher site so the others can have access to it. You are doing a fantastic job. With your permission, I would like to send parents and students to your site.