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How Much Do I Pay?Value for Money

The subscription charge for an individual account is $24.95 (USD) per year, that is less than 7 cents a day. Membership spans over 365 days from the date of subscription.

One Subscription for All Subjects4 Subjects : 1 Subscription

Gain instant access to high-quality worksheets in subjects such as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, making it the most affordable package, and a must-have for your K - 12 learners.

MW4K is completely child-safe with no advertisements, pop-up ads, audios, videos or external links. This ensures focus on learning without any distractions.

Online Worksheets with Progress-Tracking FeatureOnline Worksheets with Progress-Tracking Feature

Gain access to 1000+ Math and ELA online worksheets. Create groups, add children, generate questions from a randomized pool, and assign the worksheets digitally to groups. Generate unique passcodes and share them with your children. Let children use the exclusive login passcode to answer the worksheet. Monitor the assignment status, view the scores, and track progress effortlessly.

Be More Productive with Less Effort | Smart Download OptionsSingle Click Download

If you are the kind, who believes in "Practice makes perfect.", then the math section of our website should be your go-to place. Each sub-topic offers three to five worksheets, enabling thorough practice sessions. Streamline your experience by using the 'Download All' option to collect all worksheets within a subtopic effortlessly.

The MW4K Experience with User-Friendly NavigationSmooth Sailing

We provide a variety of exercises in English, Science, and Social Studies as well, and ensure that there will be no dearth of practice with this no-prep, print-ready collection of worksheets and charts.

From printing, to payment, to download options, we have a variety; and user-friendly navigation makes it convenient for our parents, students, and teachers. This flexibility makes us the most sought-after website.

Frequent Updates with Fresh ContentFresh Content Every Week

We constantly update our worksheets to keep up with the current trends in education. You may visit our "What's New?" page to see it for yourself.

Refund PolicyMoney Back in 7 Days

If you are not content with our worksheets and wish to cancel your subscription, you must send us a mail within 7 days of subscribing to our website. Only if you intimate us within the stipulated time will we consider a refund of the amount.

For more information, refer our Refund Policy.

Account RenewalRenewal after Consent

We do not have an auto-renew feature, we will intimate you before your membership expires. You may then continue by renewing your membership with us.

Round the Clock Email AssistanceRound the Clock Assistance

We provide 24/7 email support to our users. Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us and help us deliver quality content every time.

If your have any further queries please do mail in to us

Unlocking Knowledge, One Answer at a TimeAnswer Key for Instant Evaluation

All worksheets on our website are accompanied by an answer key, allowing for seamless self-evaluation. Accessing the answer keys is as easy as clicking the key icon next to the worksheet button.

Save Worksheets to “My Collection” for Personalized LearningBookmark Your Favorite Worksheets

Bookmark worksheets you enjoy and organize them into folders for future use.

Curate Custom WorkbooksCreate Personalized Workbooks

Download entire folders from “My Collections” as a .zip file or as a single PDF to create workbooks tailored to specific topics or grades.