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Each membership subscription costs $19.95 (US dollars) only. A membership lasts for 365 days (a year) from the date of subscription. Subscribers can access all resources available on our website in an ad-free environment.

Subscribe for $19.95 a year, that is just about $1.66 a month (US dollars). You get a completely child-safe site with no advertisements, pop-up ads, audios, videos or external links. This ensures focus on learning without any distractions.

Our website has three worksheets for practice under each sub-topic. You can download all three worksheets by just clicking the option 'Grab 'em all'. You can use the 'Download all' option to download all 12 worksheets of various levels (easy, moderate, difficult, and challenging). You may download all the worksheets from a specific topic with just one click by using the link 'Download the entire set' that can be found both on the top right corner and at the bottom of the page.

If you are not contented with our worksheets and wish to cancel your subscription, you must send us a mail within 7 days of subscribing to our website. We will consider a refund of the amount only if you intimate us within the stipulated time.

For more information, refer Refund Policy.

Benefits of subscription:

• A complete access to all resources on our website.

• Does away with ads from every page while you are logged in.

• Removes ads from the mobile site (when logged in via mobile).

• Teachers and parents can view the website with their children without any pesky ads which results in no distractions.