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English Language Arts Worksheets

"Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom." - Roger Bacon. Unlock the doors of wisdom with this multitude of ELA worksheets designed in sync with Common Core State Standards to help students advance through the grades and master the standards in reading comprehensions, refine writing skills with writing prompts and learn grammar and usage with the grammar worksheets featuring nouns, adjectives and other parts of speech.

List of Language Arts Worksheets

Explore Grammar Worksheets in Detail

Active and Passive Voice Worksheets

While the active voice makes writing easier and reading more engaging, by using fewer words and encouraging a lucid narrative, there are occasions when only the passive voice works. Know all about this exciting grammatical aspect, with our active and passive voice worksheets.

Adjective Worksheets

Walk through this extensive collection of adjective worksheets comprising charts and skills such as write the antonyms of adjectives, identify the adjectives, choose between adjectives and adverbs, comprehend the shades of adjectives, order the adjectives in a sentence and a lot more.

Adverb Worksheets

Learn to add more detail to your verb using this collection of adverb worksheets encompassing charts and activities like making adverbs, identifying frequently used adverbs and their types like manner, place and time.

Articles Worksheets

Refer to nouns and modify them with ease using our engaging collection of worksheets on articles. Learn to use the indefinite articles a and an while referring to things in general and the definite article the when referring to specific things.

Capitalization Worksheets

Our printable capitalization worksheets are a great furtherance of the fundamental conventions of capitalization. Children of upper elementary school will enjoy learning and reinforcing the different rules, through a series of diversified and interesting exercises like 'Capitalizing proper nouns and geographical locations, spotting the errors and fixing the passage' to name only a few.

Clauses Worksheets

Words, phrases, clauses and sentences. That's how it works. At the core of effective sentences, lies a bunch of well-framed clauses. Want to get into clauses in detail? Gallop through our extensive-and-handy collection of clauses worksheets to know all about clauses and more!

Conjunction Worksheets

Glue words, phrases and clauses together using our conjunction worksheets featuring adequate skills in identifying frequently used conjunctions, build compound sentences with conjunctions, learn the acronym FANBOYS for the coordinating conjunctions, join sentences with subordinating conjunctions, put sentences together with paired connectors: the correlative conjunctions.

Contractions Worksheets

Contraction is a type of elision that simplifies everyday speech and all informal forms of writing. Make young learners adept in identifying, contracting, expanding and using both the positive and negative contracted forms of English language with our bouquet of contractions worksheets that is bound to make learning pleasant and appealing.

Determiners and Quantifiers Worksheets

Determine with ease the word that should appropriately precede and modify your nouns or quantify the “how many” or “how much” of it, with our all-encompassing determiners worksheets. Make the most of our focused practice exercises on demonstratives, distributives, predeterminers, numerals, possessives and more.

Direct and Indirect Objects Worksheets

Our direct and indirect objects (DO & IO) worksheets help you demystify the concept, and get cracking with practice sentences. Nail compound direct and indirect objects, spot IOs and DOs in sentences, differentiate between indirect objects and objects of preposition and more.

Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheets

Do you want to take a giant leap in your grammatical journey? Gain proficiency in direct and indirect speech, and you sure will take one instantly! Our direct and indirect speech worksheets help establish the concept, back it up with prolific practice, and enable your score to soar.

Double Negatives Worksheets

Brevity is the soul of wit, and clarity is the soul of writing. Avoiding double negatives is instrumental in doing away with impediments that jeopardize clear communication. Our double negative worksheets with definitions, descriptions and examples, help your writing radiate utmost lucidity and coherence.

Interjections Worksheets

Interjections add beauty and expression to our language. Grab our well-stocked interjection worksheets and you have a world of interjections awaiting you! Hurray!

Noun Worksheets

The noun worksheets printables help introduce the topic with charts and exercises like identify basic nouns, sort them as people, places, animals and things, classify nouns as proper, common and abstract, capitalize proper nouns, learn frequently used collective nouns or group words, make possessive and plural nouns and a lot more.

Parts of Speech Worksheets

Our parts of speech worksheets like the 'perfect octave' offer a harmonious blend of exercises like definitions' chart, identifying and sorting nouns, adjectives and verbs, converting sentences by changing the part of speech and many more. Experience this miracle of our grammatical octet fully.

Phrasal Verbs Worksheets

Our phrasal verb worksheets are propelled by a desire to see young learners thrive, as they scout for exciting and useful phrasal verbs within a vast bunch of printable exercises. Help them display an intelligent use of these verbs-with-prepositions.

Phrases Worksheets

Our worksheets on noun,verb, adjectival, adverbial, prepositional, infinitive, participial, and absolute phrases provide clear and vivid definitions and ample practice in identifying phrases in sentences.

Preposition Worksheets

Explore this enormous collection of preposition worksheets featuring skills to identify the frequently used prepositions with visually appealing charts and follow-up activities like read the instructions and draw, fill in the blanks with prepositions and more. Also, get a clear idea of prepositional phrases used as adjectives and adverbs.

Pronouns Worksheets

The pronoun worksheets provide ample practice in identifying the pronouns effectively, learn to replace nouns with pronouns and get a vivid picture of the various types of pronouns like interrogative pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, subject and object personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, reflexive pronouns, indefinite pronouns and relative pronouns.

Punctuation Worksheets

Punctuation marks are at the heart of flawless writing. Devoid of these, sentences would hardly communicate the intended meaning, let alone be impressive. Use punctuation marks with impact, and watch your writing turn into an attention-grabbing affair, with our punctuation worksheets.

Sentence Diagramming Worksheets

Learn the skill of representing multiple grammatical sentence structures pictorially, with our sentence diagramming worksheets, to recognize literary order and discover the logical order in sentence patterns.

Sentences for Beginners Worksheets

Know the fundamentals of sentence-writing in and out, with our writing sentences worksheets. Practice writing concise, clear, and correct sentences to ace your tests with ease. If effective communication is the key to success at schools, sentences are at the heart of effective communication.

Shift in Verb Tenses Worksheets

How well can you separate the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to shifting the tense in a sentence? Give your best shot while preparing on and mastering the topic, with our shift-in-the-tense worksheets. Learn to skillfully change or adeptly stabilize the tense, while acquiring excellent command over appropriate and inappropriate shifts.

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences Worksheets

Let your writing wear a hallmark of beauty and class with wide-ranging complex and compound sentences. Stay away from run-on sentences and sentence fragments by linking and punctuating correctly. Our simple, complex and compound sentence worksheets help avoid the boredom and choppiness in writing.

Subject and Object Complement Worksheets

A good understanding of how complements function grammatically in a sentence, can equip students of middle school with a great tool to utilize for producing error-free writing. Learn to recognize, distinguish and use subject and object complements with our worksheets that provide extensive practice and reinforcement.

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets

Help your writing achieve more consistency, with our subject verb agreement worksheets. Ensure conjugation across a wide range of sentences, having different subject types such as compound subjects, collective nouns and indefinite pronouns.

Subjects and Predicates Worksheets

Our subject and predicate worksheets help you effortlessly identify and prudently employ simple and compound subjects and predicates while writing essays.

Tag Questions Worksheets

Our tag questions worksheets literally walk you step by step through the variety and challenge of question tags. Learn how to frame positive and negative tag questions and more! Part of the reason why tag questions exist is the speakers' desire to emphasize, effect irony or seek a reply.

Types of Sentences Worksheets

We write and speak a great array of sentences in our everyday life. We ask questions, give commands and give wings to our heartfelt emotions. Welcome aboard our types of sentences worksheets and learn to use the 4 types of sentences.

Verb Tenses Worksheets

Our plethora of verb tenses worksheets with clearly explained functions and plenteous exercises, assure an in-depth understanding of conjugating verbs, used in expressing actions in simple, progressive, perfect and perfect progressive aspects.

Verbs Worksheets

Add a spark to your grammar classes with the verb worksheets featuring charts and PDFs to identify frequently used action verbs, learn their antonyms, match pictures to words, sort nouns and verbs, match verbs with singular and plural nouns, form and use regular and irregular verbs, comprehend the shades of meaning, learn about helping and linking verbs and much more.

Explore Vocabulary Worksheets in Detail

Abbreviations Worksheets

Wouldn't you feel relaxed, if you knew you don't have to write words as fully as you speak them? Learn all that matters in abbreviation with our printable abbreviation worksheets designed to make your writing an interestingly short affair. The abbreviation worksheets include names of the days, months, the 50 states of America, titles and more and differentiate between abbreviations and acronyms.

Alliteration Worksheets

Alliterations bring in an astoundingly lyrical and bouncy feel to your sentences. It's not just their brightness and cheerfulness that make alliterations a bunch of sprightly companions, but they add great depth to your classical grandeur. Use our alliteration worksheets to know all about this literary device.

Alphabetical Order Worksheets

The alphabetical order worksheets feature ample skills to help children categorize words and order them alphabetically. Fill in the missing letters, connect the dots, sort and rearrange words alphabetically, alphabetize words with up to 5 same initial letters and a lot more. Included here is a holiday themed alphabetical order mini pack as an add-on.

Analogies Worksheets

Learn to make logical connections, draw parallels, describe the indescribable, promote analytical thinking or find similarities between the unfamiliar all with our analogy worksheets. Children of elementary school will exceedingly enjoy our exercises and activities using refreshing themes.

Antonyms Worksheets

Antonyms, also called opposite words, account for an interesting chapter in the large realm of vocabulary. With an extensive collection of antonyms, your writing assumes great precision and communication becomes succinct and to-the-point. Explore our antonyms worksheets, and witness vocabulary expanding like never before!

Collocation Worksheets

Build a strong network of words that typically go together, very much like peanut butter and jelly or Tweedledee and Tweedledum, with our collocation worksheets. The important learning takeaways in store are the definition, and common errors in collocations, crossword, and plenty of creative exercises on collocations with most commonly used verbs.

Commonly Confused Words Worksheets

The funny thing about English is that, despite all its universality and global appeal, it never ceases to trick. Whether you're a native speaker, or a novice learner just fallen for the lure of the language, chances are you have to deal with the often-confused words every day. Our commonly confused words worksheets help you steer clear of this confusion.

Compound Words Worksheets

Acquire all the conceptual and applied knowledge related to compound words with exclusive compound worksheets from MW4K. Know your closed, open and hyphenated compound words like a seasoned grammarian.

Crossword Worksheets

Infuse energy and enthusiasm into the study of numerous topics of Science, English, Social Studies or General, with our humongous collection of printable crossword puzzle worksheets that promise to add immense value to learning in surprisingly multiple ways.

Homographs Worksheets

Let your English shine with clever and immaculate use of homographs! Grab our homograph worksheets, to readily gain access to tens of popular homographs, and foster a glorious homograph tradition.

Homophones Worksheets

Let not common homophone mix-ups slip into your children's writing work. Anchor their learning about the ways to remember the differences, with our homophones worksheets. Learning homophones will become easier with some fun practice exercises like 'Illustrated and pictorial homophones, Crossword puzzle hunt, Homophonic tales and poems' among several more.

Hyperbole Worksheets

Our worksheets exhibit the genius and brilliance of Stephen Hawking! Sounds like an overstatement? That's precisely what you'd look forward to in our hyperbole worksheets that help you define, understand, appreciate and produce unrealistic exaggeration of speech as a rhetorical device.

Idioms Worksheets

Think out of the box, and start incorporating idioms into your speaking and writing. Let your literal words now take a figurative wing, and soar far higher!

Metaphors Worksheets

Metaphors enhance communication by creating familiarity, triggering emotion and giving a psychological edge to your speaking and writing. A great knowledge of common metaphors works like a perfect tonic for your reading comprehension too.

Onomatopoeia Worksheets

Onomatopoeia are amazing in that they not only help you write and speak with astonishing impact, but they transport the listener or the reader to a new world of linguistic joy. Explore our onomatopoeia worksheets, and bring home a literary device replete with sound effect.

Oxymorons Worksheets

Oxymorons make you feel taken back at one glance, but soon they make you wonder-struck at the great literary exaltation they are symbolic of. There's imagination, there's craft and there's wit aplenty. Take a giant leap in your road to mastering literary devices, with our oxymoron worksheets!

Personification Worksheets

Let your ideas take wings and your words come alive with emotions to paint a vivid description with the efficacy of our worksheets on personification. Learn to define, identify, explain and appreciate personification using charts, poems, stories and creative exercises.

Prefixes Worksheets

Embark on a delightful jaunt with our prefixes worksheets to enjoy a versatile experience of learning affixes in English words. Our printables make several exciting halts of divergent exercises and activities, before taking children to their learning destination.

Proverbs and Adages Worksheets

Proverbs enable you to communicate with twice the charm. With proverbs and adages, your language assumes a fresh layer of figurative effect. Explore our proverbs and adages worksheets to obtain an incredible collection of proverbs fit for a large spectrum of situations.

Rhyming Words

Rhyming is a super effective tool to encourage kids to learn the sounds within words. After all rhyming is music, and music makes language learning greatly fun.

Root Words Worksheets

Deepen the roots of your vocabulary learning strategies with our root words worksheet to deal with unfamiliar words, learn to form new words or unlock the meanings of tons of words. Find explanations, purposeful exercises and effective activities with affixes.

Shades of Meaning Worksheets

Learn to distinguish between the different shades of meaning of closely related words with this compilation of worksheets on shades of meaning. Find exclusive worksheets with verb, adjectives, and activities to enrich vocabulary and comprehend the intensity and usage of each word.

Similes Worksheets

Learn to enhance depth, power and color in your language expressions with our similes worksheets that include identifying, forming, drawing, interpreting or creating similes with innovative and diversified activities. Learning similes is made as easy as a pie and as clear as crystal.

Suffixes Worksheets

Our innovative suffixes worksheets, will help children in using this essential strategy for decoding difficult words and demystifying the process of spelling and reading. These all-encompassing exercises will make learning English suffixes pleasurable and purposeful.

Syllables Worksheets

Our syllable worksheets are an abounding resource to learn all about syllables, keeping the concept simple and playful yet addressing the learning needs of young learners effectually. Our diverse learning activities and practice exercises blankets multiple sub topics like syllable types, counting, segmenting, sorting, handling multisyllabic compound words among many more.

Synonyms Worksheets

Learning to use appropriate synonyms makes communication more captivating, specific and imaginative. Our synonyms worksheets will greatly help elementary school children in this endeavor with our enlivening collection of identifying, matching, coloring, creating and rewriting sentence exercises.

Word Search Worksheets

Reinforce word recognition, encourage spelling skills and build vocabulary effortlessly in children with our word search worksheets. Fascinating and diverse themes like the seven wonders of the world, sports, languages or dinosaurs, make our exercise irresistible and enjoyable.

Explore Reading and Writing Worksheets in Detail

Cause and Effect Worksheets

Knowing causes and effects forms an integral part of of academic writing. As is the case with everything in life, there is a cause for every effect, and no effect happens without a cause. Explore our cause effect worksheets to explore the topic in detail, and practice writing causes and effects with a variety of signaling words and phrases.

Dictionary Skills Worksheets

Learn to use a dictionary effectively with our dictionary skills worksheets which provide abundant practice in interpreting and understanding guide words, parts of a dictionary and abbreviations, to facilitate quick search of a meaning, pronunciation, syllabic division, etymology, part of speech or synonyms and antonyms of a word entry.

Editing and Proofreading Worksheets

It's not just grammatical errors that can cost a hard working child dearly, but there are other things that equally matter such as vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling. Our editing and proofreading worksheets seek to deliver all this and more!

Facts and Opinions Worksheets

Our fact and opinion worksheet make explicit, the strategy and skill to read critically and analytically and distinguish facts from opinions. Students through grade 6 will greatly benefit from our exercises and activities that elucidate the concept and afford intrinsic opportunities to develop their discerning abilities.

Inferences Worksheets

Learn to make inferences exceedingly absorbing with our exercises that reveal a unique inferring opportunity with every worksheet. Charts with signal words, 'Inferences with Pictures', 'Observe and Infer', 'Where am I?' or 'What happens next?' are just a few riveting titles that can help you infer the excitement that awaits you.

Making Prediction Worksheets

Our 'Making Predictions' worksheets are a unique collection of intriguing pictures, appealing descriptions and riveting stories that will build anticipation in students to make logical predictions about what will happen next.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

The objective of the reading comprehension worksheets comprising stories, passages, poems and adequate activities is to develop proficient readers with the capacity to comprehend texts, identify the theme or moral and retell key details, analyze characters, events, ideas, or the reasons an author gives to support points and more.

Sequencing Worksheets

Learn to order images, events, actions, processes and information with our sequencing worksheets. Children will learn to organize their ideas and thoughts effectively with our engrossing themes like: life cycles, process of making honey, morning routine, stories and many more.

Writing Prompts Worksheets

Boost creativity and writing skills with the writing prompt worksheets. Get persuasive with the opinion writing prompts, creatively narrate experiences with the narrative writing prompts, explain procedures with the expository prompts, write stories using the story or picture prompts, complete research writing projects, review books and write book reports as well.

Sample Worksheets