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English Language Arts Worksheets

Our English Language Arts worksheets aligned with the CCSS and designed catering to the needs of kindergarten through grade 8 children focus on important aspects of the language such as grammar, vocabulary, figures of speech, reading, and writing. A variety of exercises accompanied by illustrations, definitions, and examples tap the interest of children and keep them engrossed. Our answer key feature is a time-saver and promotes instant evaluation. Walk through our free ELA worksheets for a glimpse of what's in store.

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Grammar Worksheets

Without grammar, a sentence would be nothing but a pile of words. Bring order to this pile and be heard and understood clearly by regularly practicing with our free ELA worksheets. The eight parts of speech, sentences, punctuations are valuable tools children use to express themselves fluently and confidently.


Vocabulary Worksheets

A great vocabulary like the magic ingredient in a recipe enhances your writing, making it powerful and effective. With our printable English Language Arts worksheets, you learn new words, stop beating about the bush, say exactly what you mean, and pull out the word that best fits the context from your repertoire.

Figurative Language

Figurative Language Worksheets

Words paint pictures in the minds of the reader, add music and freshness too. Experience it with our free English Language Arts worksheets and express yourselves in interesting ways, going beyond the literal meaning of words with figures of speech like idioms, proverbs and more.


Reading and Writing Worksheets

Effect a phonics revolution with this section of our English worksheets where kids develop foundational reading skills and get to learn more about the letter-sound relationship of words. Dig deep into topics like digraphs, diphthongs, r-controlled vowels, silent e, and more.

Reading Comprehension

Figurative Language Worksheets

Reading is a paradise where the most cherished of your ELA dreams come true. Children enjoy and make the most of the stories, poems, and informational texts and test their chops on key aspects like main ideas, text structures, literary devices, points of view, and more.

Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing Worksheets

Gather tons of information and develop skills in communication as you read the text and express yourself. Interpret and analyze texts, distinguish between fact and opinion, cause and effect, make predictions, draw inferences and get creative with our free writing prompts.

Spelling Worksheets and Spelling Lists

Spelling Worksheets and Spelling Lists Worksheets

The benefits of our spelling worksheets go well beyond good spelling! We practice spelling with the widest range of activities that amusingly toggle between fun and learning so the spelling practice never bores. Unscramble, correct spelling errors, and do much more!

What's New?

Prepositional Phrases WorksheetsBuoyed by an array of breath-of-fresh-air exercises and a treasure chest of hard-to-beat fun activities, our prepositional phrases exercises cement their position as an unputdownable set. Tell between adjective and adverb prepositional phrases.
Gerunds WorksheetsTaking gerund learning from ordinary to extraordinary has never been easier! If your peers still feel you’re no great shakes at identifying and using gerunds with fluency, here’s your ticket to proving them wrong. Go for it!
Contractions WorksheetsMake young learners adept in identifying, contracting, expanding and using both the positive and negative contracted forms of words in the English language with our bouquet of contraction pdfs.
Crossword WorksheetsPuzzles are always fun to solve and the myriad additions to your vocabulary that come along are a bonus. The printable crossword worksheets with a variety of themes are a must-have for your kids.

Trending Grammar Worksheets

Helping Verbs WorksheetsDo you want to tell the reader the specific time, mood, or voice of the action? Helping verbs are the answer. Bring our exclusive exercises to your orbit and be on top of the game using will, can, may, could, should, must, and a lot more.
Adjective WorksheetsGo on a describing spree with our adjective worksheet pdfs. Describe nouns more vividly, and compare them using apt degrees of comparison, practice ordering multiple adjectives in a sentence and much more.
Noun WorksheetsWhether it is exercises in common, proper, abstract, collective, or possessive nouns that you are looking for, or if it is the rules to make plurals that interest you, these noun worksheets have them all covered for you.
Sentences for Beginners WorksheetsWatch the preparation of kids in constructing sentences reach its zenith with our sentences for beginners worksheets. Trace, unscramble, build, and stretch sentences. Distinguish between fragments and sentences.

Trending Vocabulary Worksheets

Antonyms WorksheetsLearning vocabulary won’t be a dour affair anymore! A stock-in-trade of brilliant students, looking up antonyms as soon you learn words – mainly adjectives – is the key here. A beautiful chart, a colorful MCQ, a fun cut-and-glue activity, and lots more.
Commonly Confused Words WorksheetsIs it accept or except, effect or affect? Do you often get stuck with such words? Remove the hurdles with practice provided by our commonly confused words worksheets and learn to use the correct words in context.
Compound Words WorksheetsCombine two words to make a compound or break down a compound into two words with our printable compound words worksheets. Get acquainted with open, closed, and hyphenated compounds as well.
Alphabetical Order WorksheetsDevelop a life-skill that comes handy with our alphabetical order worksheet pdfs. Arrange words alphabetically, sort them into appropriate categories, alphabetize days, months, names, and much more.

Trending Figurative Language Worksheets

Alliteration WorksheetsGive in to the music and rhetoric that alliterations have scads of! Grab a stupendous stock of alliterations and give your figure-of-speech practice a humongous boost! The exercises include matching to alliterate, alliterations from cartoons, and much more.
Metaphor WorksheetsCreate vivid images in the minds of kids using metaphors and learn to make sharp comparisons between two unrelated things that share one common characteristic. The metaphor worksheets add a freshness, making them a surefire hit with kids.
Idioms WorksheetsSprinkle a few idioms to spice up your conversation or to turn a mundane piece of writing into a compulsive-read. Learn the meaning and usage of a few common idioms with our printable idiom worksheets.
Homophones WorksheetsThe homophone worksheet pdfs are all about visualizing words with same sounds but different spellings and meanings too and using them in context. Practicing homophones with these exercises is time well spent!

Trending Reading and Writing Worksheets

Fluency Passages WorksheetsOur fluency passages are inspired by our desire to help the emergent readers keep at it and bloom into well-rounded readers. A stockpile of worksheets and activities that strive and go the extra mile to help children read with fluency and confidence!
Cause and Effect WorksheetsYou can't make an omelette without breaking the eggs. There's a cause behind every effect. Get kids to read the text and describe the logical connection between sentences and paragraphs and deduce the causes and effects.
Editing and Proofreading WorksheetsComb your writing for errors, don't just fix them, improve the quality of your writing with our editing and proofreading worksheet pdfs. Develop these skills, be a better writer and don't let your mistakes become a choice.
Opinion Writing Prompts WorksheetsDifferent eyes see the same thing differently. Children hold many strong opinions about various things. Inspire them with these printable opinion writing prompts to open their hearts, write persuasively and give reasons to support their opinions.