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English Language Arts Worksheets

"Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom." - Roger Bacon. Unlock the doors of wisdom with this multitude of ELA worksheets designed in sync with Common Core State Standards to help students advance through the grades and master the standards in reading comprehensions, refine writing skills with writing prompts and learn grammar and usage with the grammar worksheets featuring nouns, adjectives and other parts of speech.

List of Language Arts Worksheets

Explore Language Arts Worksheets in Detail

Alphabetical Order Worksheets

The alphabetical order worksheets feature ample skills to help children categorize words and order them alphabetically. Fill in the missing letters, connect the dots, sort and rearrange words alphabetically, alphabetize words with up to 5 same initial letters and a lot more. Included here is a holiday themed alphabetical order mini pack as an add-on.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

The objective of the reading comprehension worksheets comprising stories, passages, poems and adequate activities is to develop proficient readers with the capacity to comprehend texts, identify the theme or moral and retell key details, analyze characters, events, ideas, or the reasons an author gives to support points and more.

Grammar Worksheets | Noun Worksheets

The noun worksheets printables help introduce the topic with charts and exercises like identify basic nouns, sort them as people, places, animals and things, classify nouns as proper, common and abstract, capitalize proper nouns, learn frequently used collective nouns or group words, make possessive and plural nouns and a lot more.

Grammar Worksheets | Pronoun Worksheets

The pronoun worksheets provide ample practice in identifying the pronouns effectively, learn to replace nouns with pronouns and get a vivid picture of the various types of pronouns like interrogative pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, subject and object personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, reflexive pronouns, indefinite pronouns and relative pronouns.

Grammar Worksheets | Adjective Worksheets

Walk through this extensive collection of adjective worksheets comprising charts and skills such as write the antonyms of adjectives, identify the adjectives, choose between adjectives and adverbs, comprehend the shades of adjectives, order the adjectives in a sentence and a lot more.

Grammar Worksheets | Preposition Worksheets

Explore this enormous collection of preposition worksheets featuring skills to identify the frequently used prepositions with visually appealing charts and follow-up activities like read the instructions and draw, fill in the blanks with prepositions and more. Also, get a clear idea of prepositional phrases used as adjectives and adverbs.

Writing Prompts Worksheets

Boost creativity and writing skills with the writing prompt worksheets. Get persuasive with the opinion writing prompts, creatively narrate experiences with the narrative writing prompts, explain procedures with the expository prompts, write stories using the story or picture prompts, complete research writing projects, review books and write book reports as well.

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