Fourth Grade Spelling Worksheets

Applaud the stellar speller as they answer our printable fourth grade spelling worksheets! The innumerable spelling activities and exercises in this set are awash with special, considerate attention that the child needs in order to overcome problems to do with the essential skill of spelling. As at this stage the student is fully aware that accurate spelling is key for them to get through their schooling years and pass assessments, they'll need little extra pick-me-up while completing our spelling exercises pdf curated for grade 4 kids. Take a look at our free 4th grade spelling worksheets and subscribe for more!

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Spelling Words List | Level D

The more completely you know a word, the more likely you are to recognize it in less familiar texts, spell it effortlessly, and use it correctly, hence this compilation of well-researched 4th grade spelling lists.

Unit D1 | Long A/Short A Words

The words have either a long a or short a. Fill in the blanks to complete the words. Remember the missing letters, the letter to be found, are different each time, so be forewarned as you get started.

Unit D2 | Long E/Short E Words

The eager beavers in grade 4 will have a complete ball sorting these words into long e and short e. Watch the long e shift from ie to ea to more. Enjoy the short e spectacle at the first, second, or third syllable.

Unit D3 | Long I/Short I Words

Interestingly, the word "icicle" has both a long i and short i. As you practice spelling long and short i words, write the vowels that are missing in each word. Ram home the spelling by writing the words two times.

Unit D4 | Long O/Short O Words

Gone missing from each sentence is a word with the short o or the long o, and before you complete the sentence, you'll have to first unscramble the word in the box so you can use it in the blank.

Unit D5 | Long U/Short U Words

Spell the long u with an oo as in "afternoon" or a u_e as in "salute". Practice spelling the long and short u sounds and explore the different ways of spelling them with this unscrambling and writing pdf.

Unit D6 | Sight Words | Review

Spend quality time with some high-frequency words like area, against, and center. This fourth grade printable spelling task gets started as you figure out the jumbled word in each question and complete the sentence.

Unit D7 | Sight Words & -et/-it Family Words

The -et vs. -it disparity is explicit in regret vs. benefit. While we wish if there was a trick or hack to explain the et/it choice, this worksheet on choosing the correctly spelled words takes the sting out of this.

Unit D8 | Sight Words & -ate/-ite Family Words

Is that an -ate or -ite? This is the question that reverberates throughout this ate vs. ite spelling-practice worksheet. For every "punctuate", there's a "polite, and as soon as you "calculate", you "recite".

Unit D9 | Sight Words & -il/-al Family Words

This printable exercise from our fourth grade spelling worksheets level D is using -al or -il to complete each word and coloring the al-word boxes yellow and the il-word boxes blue. The words include pedal, medal, pencil, and pupil.

Unit D10 | Sight Words & -al/-el Family Words

Once they get acclimatized to the rule that we use -al while it's a suffix added to the root word, dent - dental for example, and we use -el if it's part of the word, there will be no stopping the grade 4 spellers.

Unit D11 | Sight Words & -ile Family Words

Boost your spelling "profile" by practicing spelling words like "agile", "bile", and "compile". Arrange the given -ile words in ABC order. This 20-word strong spelling exercise pdf is worth your best shot, so get started now so you can go the whole hog!

Unit D12 | Sight Words & -ic/-ically Family Words

It's utter joy to watch 4th grade children organically progress from mundane, commonplace spelling learners to brilliant, intergalactic spelling champs with our adding -ic/-ically to make new words worksheet.

Unit D13 | Sight Words | Mixed Bag

The numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on serve a unique purpose here: they represent letters of the alphabet. Decode the number combinations and discover the words that lie hidden. Do write the words twice in the given space. An awesome spelling worksheet!

Unit D14 | Sight Words & -age Family Words

At the heart of great spelling is articulation! Get ready to say a bunch of -age words aloud and clearly, but first spin a paperclip on the wheel. Suffix the word at the number you land on with -age. Write the words thrice.

Unit D15 | Sight Words & -dge Family Words

Knowledge of any topic gives you an edge over your peers, and this is especially true of spelling. Watch a band of words containing -dge beat together as you correct the wrongly spelled words.

Unit D16 | Sight Words & -sure/-sher Family Words

Read each -sure or -sher word at your own pace. Try spelling the word loud and clear. Display your spelling prowess twice in this 4th grade spelling pdf: first by looking at the word and then without looking.

Unit D17 | Sight Words & cher/ture Family Words

Say hello to our -cher/-ture spelling worksheet that abounds in complex-to-decode words, such as pasture and archer, presented as part of sentences! Correct the misspelled word in each sentence.

Unit D18 | Sight Words & -ure/-ur- Family Words

Although the given words largely differ in terms of the number of letters they are made of, they flock together under either -ure or -ur. The task is for grade 4 children to carefully fit the words into the framework.

Unit D19 | Sight Words & -eer/-ere Family Words

Continue to "persevere" and "volunteer" so you'll ace it every time you attempt to spell -ere and -eer words. Add -eer or -ere as appropriate to the given words. Don't forget to check the answer that you choose.