Antonyms Worksheets

If synonyms are words that mean the same, antonyms are words that mean the opposite. Having an instant stock of antonyms is a prerequisite for writing with effect. Children who collect antonyms with a lot of zest and zeal succeed in their academics much more resoundingly than those with fewer antonyms to their credit. Our antonyms worksheets, stuffed full of opposite words fit for a wide range of scenarios, enable children in grade 1 through grade 4 to use these words with great swagger and poise. Best of all, each exercise is supported with enough examples. Tap into some of these worksheets for free!

Antonyms of Adjectives

Here's antonyms appearing in an adjective guise. Adjective antonyms are a pleasure kids can never get enough of. Make this PDF click, as kids write antonyms for the adjectives.

Antonyms Chart

Start your antonym learning in style with our antonyms chart! With a simple definition and examples made fun with hilarious images, there's no denying the joy kindergarten children get from this exercise.

Coloring Antonym Pairs

This coloring activity remarkably supplements kids' antonym learning, and the apples here are an absolute treat. Let the budding champs prove their mettle as they color each antonymous apple.

Matching Antonyms

Let kids remember the last time their pencil was not sharp enough to draw a picture. Did they use the correct antonym, or did they just say "not sharp"? Here, kids match words to antonyms.

Antonyms MCQ

Ensure that 1st grade kids have a careful browse through this cute MCQ exercise. They choose which of the four words is antonymous to the word in the question. Don't forget to praise every correct answer!

Drawing Antonyms

Let not kids suffer from inadequate antonyms any more! With this cool and breezy PDF worksheet, watch them draw an antonym for each word as best as they can and write it too. After all, drawing is fun, isn't it?

Circling Antonyms

Motivate them boundlessly as the plucky young learners embark on this exercise. In Part A, they circle antonyms for the given words, while in part B they circle two words that are antonymous.

Antonyms of Verbs

For every love, there is a loathe, and if you sleep early, you wake up early as well. Set kids this little realistic goal and watch them progress, as they write an antonym for each verb in this printable worksheet.

Antonyms of Adverbs

Adverbs are no aliens in the antonym game. Kids in grade 2 and grade 3 will need to use these time and again, as they push their writing notch after notch. In this pdf worksheet, kids match each adverb to its antonym.

Cut and Glue Activity

Pineapples are great stuff, and if there are antonyms in them, it's perfect feast! Here, kids cut antonyms and glue them in the correct pineapple to enjoy a complete antonym experience.

Choosing the Correct Antonyms

It's raining antonyms in this exercise. In part A, with the help of the antonym box, kids write an antonym for each word, and in part B, they choose antonyms for the underlined words.

Completing Sentences with Antonyms

Let students' love for antonyms grow from great to inspirational with this printable worksheet. Each question has a pair of antonyms, using which students complete the sentences. This will be sure hit with 3rd grade and 4th grade kids!

Using Antonyms in Sentences

Let kids wisely choose an antonym for each word, and then use their choice in a sentence. This gives their antonym confidence a double boost, and there will be no looking back.

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