Compound Words Worksheets

Welcome to yet another promise delivered in the form of compound words worksheets made ready to satisfy the requirements of grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 students across various curricula. Compound words make your youngsters' English learning experience a hell of a lot more pleasurable. Whether it's closed compound words, open compound words or hyphenated compound words, we have it all discussed with clarity, within this printable collection. Learn and apply the compound words insight, and impress your ELA teacher right away! Fly-start preparation with our free worksheets!

Forming Compound Words with Pictures

Images are sometimes so useful that they serve any purpose that you want them to. This is very true with this printable worksheet where kids match the images and see compound words formed one after the other.

Compound Words Chart

Get rolling with a brilliant compound word chart that gives you a first impression of what compound words are! Grab the opportunity to learn nine new compound words too!

Word Search

This compound word puzzle is a compulsive read and a compulsive print too. There are 10 compound words puzzlingly packed into this worksheet for the budding champs to make the most of.

Convert Images into Compound Words

Train 2nd grade kids to keep in close company with compound words, and this PDF genuinely helps. Accompany them as they try and come up with a compound word relevant to each picture.

Cut and Paste Activity

Here comes a cut and paste fun which our kids can't get enough of. All the words are represented with pictures, and all they need to do is translate the picture rightly and put the words together.

Match and Form Compound Words

We present matching in a new dimension. Let your kids' acquaintance with compound words be solid and strong, and let them match and come up with another great set of compound words.

Sorting Compound Words

Here's a worksheet full of words having the potential to form compound words, but they're scattered all over the page. What kids do is, they form compound words, putting these words together.

Fill the Blanks with right Images

Watch your amazing young learners having a complete ball, learning their compound words with this printable pdf for grade 3. Their revelry with images continues as they complete sentences with compound words.

Underline Compound Words within a Story

Follow Gretta in this stargazing adventure of hers! Let the ambitious young compound word hunters in 4th grade dive deep and surprise you with as many compounds as they can!

Underline the Compound Words

This worksheet has your children carefully read the sentences, and underline the compound words mentioned therein. Keep your eyes wide open and check wherever there 2 words come together.

Split the Closed Compound Words

Understanding which two words have joined together to form the compound word is important. in this printable pdf, kids underline the compound word and identify the two words in it.

Choose the right Closed Compound Words

In this compound words worksheet, let the children complete each sentence with the appropriate closed compound word from the box. This helps solidify their learning big time.

Open Compound Words

Ask 3rd grade kids to check if there is a space between the two words that have come together to form the compound word. If there is, it's an open compound word, or else it isn't.

Hyphenated Compound Words

Prepare your kids to know and identify hyphenated compound words. The word "hyphenated" is self-explanatory. Here, kids complete the sentences using the right hyphenated compound words from the box.

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