8th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Step up your practice with our printable 8th grade language arts worksheets that are accompanied by answer keys and feature adequate exercises in forming and using verbs in the active and passive voice, recognizing and correcting inappropriate shifts, comprehending the figures of speech like onomatopoeia, oxymoron, hyperbole, personification, building vocabulary with collocations, citing textual evidence to support analysis of what the informational text says explicitly and drawing inferences from the text. Motivate your crew and encourage them to practice with our free grade 8 language arts worksheets.

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Passive Voice with Simple Future

Transform the sentences in the simple future tense to passive voice using the structure: subject + will / shall + be + past participle of the verb + by + object and shift the emphasis from the doer to the action or the recipient.

Completing Sentences with Onomatopoeia

Mimicking the sound of objects or actions using words is what this 8th grade language arts worksheet pdf is all about. Choose an appropriate onomatopoeia that imitates the natural sound to complete each sentence.

Emmett Kelly | Reading Comprehension

Success is more about hard work and perseverance than just talent and chance. Read the passage about Emmett Kelly, the famous clown, and cite evidence to support the central idea.

Adverbial Phrases

Zero in on identifying the group of words that modify a verb with this printable English worksheet for grade 8 learners, and write which of the three questions it answers: how, when, or where.

Identifying Oxymorons in Sentences

Do the words "a fine mess" and "clearly misunderstood" ring a bell? Comb each sentence for a contradictory pair of words or oxymorons and ponder over the amusing contradictions and underline them.

Editing and Proofreading | Dangling Modifiers

Figure out if the modifiers in the sentences packed in the 8th grade ELA worksheet pdf are placed correctly or are dangling. Rewrite the sentences if they have a dangling modifier positioning it in the right place.

Identifying Noun Clauses

Spot the dependent clause that serves as the noun in each sentence, underline it and state if it functions as a subject, direct or indirect object, or as a complement or as the object of a preposition.

Interpreting the Hyperbole

You don't have to move mountains to crack this printable grade 8 language arts worksheet. Comprehend the meaning of the hyperbole and rewrite the sentence removing the overstatement and explain it.

Glenn Cunningham | Reading Comprehension

With a never-say-die attitude and strong will, Cunningham defied all odds in his life and overcame extreme physical adversity. Get inspired as you work your way through the passage and answer questions that follow.

Converting Exclamatory Sentences to Reported Speech

Replete with exclamatory sentences, this 8th grade English worksheet pdf gets learners to rewrite the sentence replacing the verb with words like exclaimed with joy or sorrow, regretted, etc., to express emotions.

Collocations with Take, Give, and Make

Take a break, give a hand, and make a difference are words that co-occur naturally. Read the meanings of word pairings or collocations with the words take, give, and make, and complete the sentences using them.

Inferences | Template

Opt for this printable grade 8 ELA worksheet, if you need practice in using inferences in a story. Write an inference to implicitly state the scene, the time, characters, and place using this template.

Picking out the Complement

Hunt each sentence for the complement and underline it. State if it is a subject complement that renames or defines the subject or an object complement that provides details about the object.

Personifying Things in Nature

Attribute human qualities to things in Nature that you like the most and write five sentences exemplifying personification in this 8th grade language arts worksheet pdf.

Josh Gibson | Reading Comprehension

Considered to be among the very best power hitters and catchers in the history of baseball, know Josh Gibson as you read the passage analyzing and comparing his character to that of your favorite player.