Dictionary Skills Worksheets

Our printable dictionary skills worksheets provide comprehensive practice for elementary school children to become adept in using this valuable source, and obtain a good understanding of what a dictionary can be used for. Students in grade 2 through grade 5 gain the skill of looking up definitions, multiple meanings, abbreviations, pronunciations, etymologies, synonyms and parts of speech of words in order to research and understand the English language with our PDF exercises. Seize some of these worksheets for free!

Guide Words | MCQ

Do your students require some more practice with finding words quickly in a dictionary using guide words? This printable worksheet will do the needful for you with its easy MCQ format.

Decoding Unfamiliar Words

Help 4th grade and 5th grade students to research and write the meanings of the given words, using a dictionary. This pdf worksheet will provide relevant practice in using the dictionary.

Parts of a Dictionary | Chart

This parts-of-a-dictionary chart explicitly illustrates how a dictionary is formatted, what the parts of a dictionary are, what they mean and for what purposes a dictionary is used.

Parts of a Dictionary

Make use of this chart based worksheet to give all the practice that the kids in grade 2 and grade 3 need to reiterate the parts of a dictionary; in order to use a dictionary effectively.

Decoding Guide Words

Introduce young learners to guide words that will help them in locating the words easily. This pdf worksheet teaches dictionary skills with focus on understanding guide words.

Guide Words Sorting

Involve 2nd grade and 3rd grade children in this exercise of sorting the words to put them under the correct pair of guide words and strengthen the foundation of their dictionary skills.

Practicing Dictionary Skills

Requiring the use of a dictionary, this hands-on activity pdf will enable students to obtain a real understanding of the specific functions, for which a dictionary can be used.

Multiple Definition

Get grade 4 students to work right away on this interesting worksheet of interpreting the various meanings of a single word. They number the sentence with the meaning that best fits the context.

Abbreviations used in Dictionary

Get kids familiarized with the commonly used abbreviations in dictionaries with this printable where students expand and match the abbreviations to become adept in using a dictionary.

Dictionary Quiz

Students will simply love this quiz worksheet where they use a dictionary to decode the cryptic clues and learn the meanings, pronunciations, syllabic divisions, plurals and a lot more.

Word for the day | Template

Use this printable template to make kids of grade 3 through grade 5 fill out the page number, guide words, definition, part of speech, syllables, etc. for as many words as required.

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