Homograph Worksheets

Homographs are words that are written alike, but differ in meanings and origin. Considered to be a language lovers' favorite, homographs can be quite a hilarious exercise for students of kindergarten through grade 5 in all curricula. The key, though, is to first have an intelligently drawn definition that separates a homograph from all its siblings like homophones, homonyms etc., which is exactly what our homograph worksheets aim to do. This set of printable homograph worksheets stands out with its assiduous detail, abundant analysis and ingenious demonstration. Try some of these handouts for free!

Snip and Paste Activity - Meanings

This homograph snip-and-glue PDF goes further up the learning ladder, by getting grade 1 and grade 2 children to snip the two meanings and glue them to the right homograph. This engages big time with the variety of homographs.

Write Sentences with Homographs

Don't you think your keen-to-learn-more children are now dying to frame sentences using homographs? Help them breeze through this pdf worksheet, as they write sentences with homographs.

Homograph Chart

Let your kindergarten and 1st grade students start with our homograph chart,that lays out a clear definition for homographs, so there is little confusion identifying or producing homographs at their pleasure.

Homograph Word Search

Word search worksheets have been greatly effective in stirring interest among students. Here, there are eight descriptive pieces, and children find the right homographs for them from the puzzle.

Snip and Paste Activity - Images

The presence of multiple meanings makes homographs worthy of spending time with. This homophone snip-and-glue activity, replete with images, has a cool vibrance to it, so children have fun doing it.

Match Homographs with their Definitions

This worksheet helps grade 3 children practice and perfect their homographs, by matching eight homographs to their correct definitions. There's tremendous room to apply their homograph learning!

Match Images with Homographs

This printable homograph worksheet is a feast of pictures, which your 2nd grade and 3rd grade youngsters will instantly relate to. The task here is to match each image to the appropriate homograph, and that's task accomplished.

What Does the Homograph Mean?

Understanding homographs contextually can be exciting, but the excitement is not completely devoid of challenges. This worksheet guides your learners to interpret homographs using contextual clues.

Complete Sentences with Homographs

The homograph aficionados in your class are going to kill it with this worksheet for grade 4 and grade 5. They complete ten sentences, using one of the five homographs from the box. Here repetition becomes a tool to elucidate.

Identify the Homographs

Can your children read a sentence, and easily find out which words in it are homographs? This ten-sentence worksheet has ample practice in store for them, as they underline homographs in every sentence.

The Perfect Gift - Identify the Homographs

What cat's averse to fish, and what child is averse to stories! Ask your 4th grade and 5th grade students to read this story, and underline as many homographs as they can. Now, this sure will inspire many a flutter!

Complete the Passage with Homographs

Here's yet another opportunity for your not-content-with-less champs to impress with their homograph-finding caliber. Let them read this story and write the homographs in the word box.

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