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Shift in Verb Tenses Worksheets

Convention has it that not every verb tense in a sentence or paragraph needs to be the same. It also has that the tense is not changed, unless it's required. In order for their writing to be clear and clutter-free, students should be able to recognize and fix inappropriate shift in verb tenses. Our printable shift in verb tenses worksheets show children from grade 5 to grade 8 the real cachet of this aspect of grammar, and help them be so proficient in the topic that grammar will no longer be a head-scratcher. We take you another great step forward in writing! Give yourself a head-start with our free worksheets!

Practicing Using the Proper Tense

Sorting through the verb tenses in a bunch of compound and complex sentences helps 5th grade children learn the tense shift. In this printable pdf, they complete each sentence with the correct tense.

Choosing Sentences with Correct Shifts

As there are more clauses in a sentence, it's likely that its tenses will vary. This printable exercise, where students check the correct sentence from within 3 sentences, is a big leap in simplifying the tense-shift.

Underlining the Shift

Watch students in grade 7 deliver their own takes in this shift in tense exercise. Their analysis has now grown from ordinary to promising, as you help them identify the shift and write it as a good or bad one.

Changing the Tense to make it Consistent

If the two actions are happening in the same time frame, both the tenses are the same. This pdf worksheet lets students change the underlined verb in each sentence to make the sentence tense-consistent.

Rewriting and Making the Tense Consistent

Wouldn't it be awkward if a clause had too many tenses mixed up in it? Let students impress you, by changing the tense of the underlined verb in each sentence in this shifting verb tense worksheet.

Completing with Correct Tenses

5th grade children with a flair for grammar will relish choosing the right tense from the parentheses to complete a sentence. Equipped with enough practice of this skill, this PDF worksheet lets students shine in great use.

Identifying if Shifts are Appropriate or Not

Watch how the tense-shift tricks students, so they sometimes get it correct and sometimes not. In this printable exercise, 6th grade children identify the shift in each sentence as appropriate or inappropriate.

Recognizing and Fixing Incorrect Shifts

As much as the 7th grade and 8th grade students would aspire to learn it all in a day, it takes some practice before you can coronate them with excellence. Here, they identify the shift, and if it's wrong, rewrite the sentence.