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Interjection Worksheets with Examples

Continuing our endeavors to help students demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking as specified by the Common Core State Standards, we welcome you to our interjection worksheets. While the other parts of speech convey meanings, interjections are different in that they express feelings. The idea is to make children from grades 4 and 5 familiar, with interjections covering a great spectrum of emotions, including both strong and mild interjections.

Interjection Charts

The interjection chart worksheets provide instant insight into interjections, by giving example sentences using common interjections like Bravo! and Yippee! Here's setting the tone for the fun journey ahead.

Introduction to InterjectionsCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.5.1.A

Circle the interjection in each sentence

Interjections are so fun that kids might become friends with them in their very first meeting. They are a bunch of bubbly companions. In this interjection worksheet, kids circle the interjection in each sentence.

Match the interjections to their correct meanings

This interjection worksheet is a beauty. While kids match each interjection to its correct meaning, they also have a riot showing the cute penguin to its igloo. They learn 15 new interjections too.

Write an appropriate interjection in each speech bubble

What better way to learn interjections than by guessing the emotions conveyed in a sequence of drawings in a comic strip! In this PDF, kids look at 3 comic strips and write sentences with the right interjections.

Interjections | Poems

The interjection poems are going to be a treat. While they enjoy the poetic triumph, kids also underline the interjections that they hit upon while reading the poems, and write these in the space provided.

Practice your InterjectionsCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.5.1.A

Write a sentence using each interjection

This printable interjection worksheet gives children a splendid opportunity to write sentences using interjections. They will have gained perfect mastery over the topic, by the time they are done with this PDF.

Complete the sentences with suitable interjections

This set of interjection worksheets takes the interjection learning a step ahead, by asking children to complete the sentences using the right interjections given in parentheses. Exciting work, isn't it?

Mild and Strong InterjectionsCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.5.1.A

Sort the interjections as mild or strong

Interjections mostly represent strong emotions, but they can be mild too. In this amazing PDF, children classify interjections as strong or mild. Call it mild, if it's not as strongly expressive, and you'll do fine.

Punctuate the interjections correctly

Most interjections are followed by an exclamation mark, while some have a comma after them. This is often to do with strong and mild interjections. Here's some practice to perfect punctuating interjections.