Idiom Worksheets

Why did Shakespeare coin "heart of gold", "laughing stock" and "apple of my eye"? The Bard was being idiomatic, and therefore being expressive. Idioms not only beautify and give our English an informal advantage, but they also bring color, humor, creativity and wisdom to an otherwise dry spell of words. Our idioms worksheets for children of grade 3 through grade 6 aren't just abounding in lots of these decking devices, but the worksheets define, distinguish, and exemplify idioms. Grab hold of some of these handouts for free!

Write Sentences using Idioms

Writing sentences using idioms is an exquisite technique to practice your idioms. Watch your students engage in a unique idiomatic exercise, as they write sentences using idioms.

Rewrite Sentences without the Idioms

Can your students translate idioms into simple English? Here's a worksheet fostering this rewarding habit, with five sentences containing idioms. Children rewrite the sentences without using the idioms.

Idioms Chart

Carry a copy of our idiom chart, before you set out on this idiomatic journey. This helps big league! Children know precisely what an idiom is, and they are also introduced to a few common idioms.

Draw your Idioms

Visualizing idioms is a brilliant way to hammer them home forever. In this idiom worksheet pdf, let your 3rd grade and 4th grade children draw a pictorial version of each idiom in the space provided.

Connect Idioms to their Meanings

Let your children aim high with idioms! This printable worksheet has ten idioms, and grade 5 students find their right meanings from the provided options. Here's broadening the horizon of your children's idiomatic expectations.

Underline Idioms and Write Meanings

If a child can comprehend the meaning of an idiom from its context, it means they have a good idiomatic sense. Tell children to interpret each idiom, and write its meaning below the sentence.

Animal Idioms

English speakers look up to animal idioms with lots of endearment. Give your collection of animal idioms a big shot in the arm, by memorizing and understanding each of the eight idioms in this PDF.

Christmas Idioms

Christmas means carols, candles and feasts. Did you know Christmas also means lots of sparkling idioms? This idiom worksheet has a great list of popularly-used Christmas idioms for our young learners.

Underline Idioms - An Idiom Story

Isn't it fun to read a story and underline the idioms included in it? In this printable worksheet, lend your 5th grade and 6th grade children a helping hand, as they look for idioms and find their meanings.

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