Suffix Worksheets

Identify and know the meanings of commonly used derivational suffixes, decode words with suffixes, learn to form new words and determine the meaning of these new words formed with suffixes and much more with our printable suffixes worksheets for children of grade1 through grade 5. This learning will help demystify the process of spelling and reading and equip children with skills for decoding difficult words. Plunge into suffix practice with our free worksheets.

Suffixes Snippets - Cut and Glue Activity

Use this cutting and pasting activity to develop fine motor skills and bilateral coordination of your little ones, while drawing all attention and focus on learning suffixes. How wonderful that can be!

Greek and Latin Suffixes

Familiarize 3rd grade children with some Greek and Latin suffixes, to decipher words in multiple languages. Direct them to write three words using each of the given suffixes.

List of Suffixes

Get to know more about the various suffixes, their meanings and their influence on the words that they are affixed to, using this suffixes worksheet pdf that enlists the commonly used suffixes.

Suffix Chart

Introduce suffixes to 1st grade and 2nd grade kids using this simple yet attractively designed chart that encapsulates the crux of suffixes, by defining and listing the basic conventions of using them.

Circle and Underline Suffixed Words

This printable two-part exercise of circling and underlining words that contain suffixes, can provide a good practice for children of grade 2 and grade 3, in recognizing, and picking suffixed words.

Add a Suffix

Kids especially enjoy exercises that actively tap their creativity to come up with correct answers. In this one, they pick words from a word box to join them with their correct root words.

Choose the Right Suffix - MCQ

A multiple-choice questions worksheet is sure to prompt children in working on it instantly. It offers the ease and quickness of learning and recalling suffixes using sentences to provide contexts.

Suffixes: er, or, ist

Expand the knowledge of children in learning suffixes that are specifically used in naming the various jobs or occupations, with this printable worksheet. Let's see how many budding singers or doctors we have there!

Suffixes -ful/-less

Get kids to use the suffixes -ful/-less with this super engaging hands-on worksheet, where they read the meaning and replace the words with a synonym using the suffixes -ful/-less and complete sentences too.

Suffixing with Pictures

Containing exuberance of little ones for anything that involves learning with pictures, can be rather hard for all the right reasons. Let kids look at the pictures and write the correct tense using the suffixes -ed and -ing.

Suffixes that make Nouns

Using a dictionary, let kids find words containing specified suffixes and learn how these suffixes form nouns with this pdf worksheet. This knowledge is essential in decoding the meanings of the new words thus formed.

Suffixes that make Adjectives

Learning to form adjectives by adding certain suffixes is important to build the capabilities of breaking down unfamiliar words into segments in order to decode their meanings.

Underline the Prefixes and Suffixes

Give an integrated practice of identifying and underlining the prefix or suffix in each word featured in this printable as a quick review task, that children of grade 4 will enjoy completing in a jiffy.

Suffixes & Prefixes in Sentences

Using suitable suffixes or prefixes taking clues from the contexts of sentences, will complement 4th grade and 5th grade children's knowledge. This makes learning more meaningful and comprehensive for learners.

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