Long I Worksheets

Our printable long "i" worksheets are inspired by the idea that kids in grade 1 and grade 2 must make a loved culture of finding long "i" sounds in every sentence. They should pay heed to the long "i" rules too. For example, it's inevitable to know the spellings that form the long "i" sound – "i", "y", "ie", and "igh". Grab tons of words for each type as you explore our long "i" worksheet pdfs, so the going never gets tough. Access some of these long "i" worksheets for free!

Tracing and Matching Words with Long I

With the long "i" around, 1-syllable words feel beautifully lightweight so grade 2 kids can utter them with utmost ease. Get them to match the images to the correct long “i” words and trace the word.

Unscrambling and Writing Long I Words

Don't just power through piles of long "i" sounds, but learn to impress with scads of clarity while spelling and speaking. In this long "i" pdf, unscramble the letters beside each picture to name the picture.

Identifying Long I Pictures and Words

In this 2-part section of our long "i" worksheets, 1st grade kids first identify and circle the pictures with long “i” sounds, and then read through a bunch of words and recognize the ones with long “i” sounds.

Naming Pictures with Long I Words

Watch your resolute youngsters in grade 2 get used to the long "i" at their own level and pace. Let them make finding this sound an everyday pursuit. Choose a long "i" word from the box to name each picture.

Long I Fluency Sentence Strips

Providing your little masters heaps of long "i" fluency is this going-like-the-wind section from our long "i" worksheets. Use cardstock to print the worksheet, hole-punch them and the strips are ready.

Completing Sentences with Long I Words

To produce a long "i" sound, let the tongue touch the bottom, side teeth. Move the body of the tongue upward to reach near the tooth ridge. Use the long “I” words in the parentheses to complete the sentences.

Circling Correct Long I Words

Practicing and absorbing the essence of long "i" sounds is no small fry. In this part of our long "i" worksheets, grade 1 kids read a set of pictures and circle the words that correctly name the pictures.

Highlighting Long I Words

Blow your long "i" balloons with all rigor and fly them to such enviable heights that your peers will come raving about your expertise. In this 2nd grade task, highlight each balloon that contains a long "i" word.

Sorting Long I Words | Cut and Glue

Once you have made it to the heart of the long "i", the sound simply springs out of everywhere. In this printable cut and glue sorting long "i" activity, cut each word and paste it under “ie”, “igh”, or “y”.

Solving Long I Riddles

Relax in the company of some lovely riddles that make your long "i" life supremely comfortable. Read the descriptions. Look at the words below. Identify and write the long “i” words that answer the riddles

Long I Chart

A robust practice and enrichment resource for grade 1 kids, this printable long "i" chart first defines the long "i" and then delineates its different spellings before supplying a few examples for each spelling.

Reading and Identifying Long I Words

Iris, Piper, and Ivy are playmates. Did you, by the way, notice the exciting phonemic aspect common to all their names? Explore this passage and underline all examples of long “i” words in it. Go on a long "i" hunt!

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