Second Grade Spelling Worksheets

Continue the good spell of reading and writing with our printable second grade spelling worksheets level B! As the little spellers have already gotten used to the letter sounds and have mastered the letter names, it's now time for them to become further fluent by welcoming a whole new bunch of sounds, such as aw, ch, ai, mp, th, ck, and ed. Our second grade spelling worksheets pdf level B, which seek to teach spelling directly and systematically with the help of varied activities, are phenomenal. Be under the spell of our free spelling worksheets for a bit!

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Spelling Words List | Level B

Be the first to grab this booklet and relax about finding adequate practice material to build on and enhance your spelling skills. Make a weekly plan, for each week fresh word types and newer sight words spring in.

Unit B1 | Sight Words & -ai Family Words

Brave the "rain" and set "sail" to "nail" the ai sound in style! As you observe each picture and write the ai word that names it, you'll add a golden feather to your spelling cap. Also trace the four words given.

Unit B2 | Sight Words & -aw Family Words

Salute the likes of "jaw", "law", "jigsaw", "seasaw" and "paw"! That we task the little kids of grade 2 with rewriting each word should give them prolific practice in spelling the aw sound.

Unit B3 | Sight Words & ch/tch Family Words

What child is averse to "cheese"? Words like cheese, beach, and chalk start or end with ch. Better yet, there are words such as witch and fetch that operate with a tch. Sort the words into the 3 types and write them.

Unit B4 | Sight Words & -er Family Words

"Speak" and "drive" with er added to them are "speaker" and "driver". Look at the pictures and identify the action verbs. Write the er word naming the doer of the action. Trace the words given.

Unit B5 | Sight Words & Plurals

The dress when many is called "dresses" not dreses. When more than one witch is in action, we say "witches". Practice spelling the plural forms of words by coloring the correctly spelled words.

Unit B6 | Sight Words & -ft Family Words

Lift your spelling skills to lofty heights! Each set in this worksheet has two words only one of which is spelled the way it should be. The job for the distinguished spelling champs is to read to identify and color the word with correct spelling.

Unit B7 | Sight Words & - f/ff/gh/ph Family Words

Finding the missing parts is not all that straightforward in this spelling exercise for grade 2 kids! While it mostly is a doddle, like in food and cliff, it sometimes tricks by shifting into the maze of ph or gh.

Unit B8 | Sight Words & -ide Family Words

Take each spelling stride with pride! Glide through this section of our spelling worksheets for grade 2 level B that is accomplished by unscrambling the several silent-e words given. Get to some exciting spelling work and in style!

Unit B9 | Sight Words & -igh/ight Family Words

Once you boast spelling skills that are bright, you will leap for delight! Instruct the child to put the word chunks together and create fresh words with igh and ight. Write the words created on the lines given.

Unit B10 | Sight Words | Review

Sight words, words that frequently appear in our reading and writing, must be memorized. Give children instant practice with the sight words "after", "things", and more. Circle the correctly spelled word.

Unit B11 | Sight Words & -j/g Family Words

We urge you to "ginger" up or "juice" up your spelling practice! In either case, you'll become a better speller by completing each word using g/j as relevant. Don't forget to color g/j as you answer each question.

Unit B12 | Sight Words & -lt Family Words

Vault as much distance as you can by figuring out the lt word in each set of scrambled letters. Watch as you get quite swept away by a tremendous stream of "lt" words in this 2nd grade spelling worksheet pdf.

Unit B13 | Sight Words & -ly Family Words

The box is awash with words waiting to be crowned with ly at the end. For example, you pick "correct" and write "correctly". Just to give you a heads-up, the ly words here must be written in alphabetical order.

Unit B14 | Sight Words & -mp Family Words

Exquisite spelling is the "lamp" that gives you the light as you stumble around! Spin the wheel and combine the word chunks and build a host of mp words like a "champ".

Unit B15 | Sight Words & -nd Family Words

Are you the "kind" that strives for perfection in spelling? Then you'll develop a good "bond" with our worksheet for grade 2. Get reading the words and practice spelling them 3 times by filling in the missing letters.

Unit B16 | Sight Words & -nk Family Words

It is "bank" and not "beng". Write "sunk" and not "saunk". Adding to the fun and learning of our second grade spelling worksheets is this choosing the correctly spelled word on each paint bucket activity.

Unit B17 | Sight Words | Mixed Bag

Let the flowering logophiles take an unscrambling break in this exercise from our second grade spelling worksheets! They figure and write the 16 sight words given in the box as jumbles of letters.

Unit B18 | Sight Words & -ou/ow Family Words

The Crowned Clown is a famous TV series! Our interest in the series is inspired by the "crown" and "clown" that make its title. That's enough warming up to this printable spelling worksheet for grade 2 kids.

Unit B19 | Sight Words & -ar/or Family Words

Be the "star horse" that wins every race in the spelling world! The name of each picture is written under it, and the task is for the outstanding learners in grade 2 to complete the word with ar or or as appropriate.