Simile Worksheets

Integrating figures of speech such as similes into the teaching curriculum, will help our language learners enhance their understanding of the language in its entirety. Encompassing charts, pictorial worksheets, stories, poems and many more engaging exercises, our printable simile worksheets will greatly help children in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 in assimilating this skill of striking interesting connections between two things, to express themselves more emphatically and vividly. Equip them with our free simile worksheets now!

Similes and Meanings - Match

Enhance the proficiency of children in understanding both the denotative and connotative meanings of words used to form similes to make descriptions vivid and enjoyable.

Similes with Picture Clues

As similes make speech more emphatic and powerful, so does this pdf worksheet make learning them more interesting, by inviting children to imagine the comparison using the pictures as clues.

Simile | Chart

Introduce kids to the idea of comparing two different things in an interesting way using similes, which is perhaps the most common form of figurative language. A simile chart is sure to serve this purpose.

Similes with Pictures

A pictorial simile worksheet pdf will sow the seeds of creativity and stimulate children's imagination in drawing resemblances that they commonly associate with these images.

Draw the Simile

What better way can there be to impart the lesson of similes, than with a drawing activity? Children will be enthusiastically engaged in this worksheet of illustrating the nouns that make up the simile.

Cut and Glue Activity

Children of 3rd grade and 4th grade, will easily assimilate the use of similes to convey meaning quickly and effectively, with this 'to-do' activity using expressive picture cards.

Find the Simile Pairs

Get kids more excited about learning similes, by making them spark interesting connections between adjectives, and nouns featured in the word boxes and discover connotative meanings.

Create your own Similes

Similes add depth and emphasis to expressions. Use this printable worksheet to encourage children to come up with their own comparisons and follow the structures to make sentences using similes.

Underline the Similes | Poem

Make kids fetch out some hidden similes from this magician's magic box, to expose them to the use and understanding of the figurative meanings of these similes using contextual clues.

Circle the Similes

Help children of 4th grade and 5th grade in identifying and understanding the how two or more words are used together to compare, convey a meaning and produce a particular effect, with this simile worksheet.

Identify the Simile and Explain its Meaning

Enable children to differentiate the figurative meaning of a simile from its literal connotation, to enhance their understanding of the nuances of the language with this simile worksheet.

Jumbled Sentences with Similes

The joy of learning similes will know no bounds, when children get to unscramble sentences to discover hidden similes and the subtlety of the English language in this printable.

Form Similes to Complete the Sentences

Have elementary school children complete the similes to frame meaningful sentences and watch them begin to effectively use this figure of speech, displaying a better understanding of the language.

Identify the Similes | Story

Learning similes can be as easy as riding a bike! This simile worksheet pdf will tell the kids how, as they engross themselves in this story worksheet of Nathan trying out his new bicycle ramp and some similes.

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