Verb Mood Worksheets

Welcome the glory days of writing with our printable verb mood worksheets! Remember it's not the tense alone that steers a sentence; there's an equally key player involved, too: the mood. Our verb mood worksheets pdf have a transformative effect on how children in grade 8 and high school take in the indicative mood, the interrogative mood, the imperative mood, the subjunctive mood, and the conditional mood in sentences. Explore the grammatical moods full-on with our free verb mood worksheets!

Converting Verbs into Interrogative Mood

The interrogative mood is used to indicate the sentence is a question. This interrogative verb mood pdf, where you transform each sentence into the interrogative mood, gives a detailed account of the interrogative mood.

Exploring Functions of the Imperative Mood

Children will be on a hot streak reading these sentences with the imperative mood and identifying the specific purpose served in each sentence, ranging from an order to a request to an instruction to more.

Which Sentence Is in the Indicative Mood?

In each question, one sentence is in the indicative mood, and the other is not. The task for the grade 8 learners is to identify the one in the indicative. Hone in on the main clause when there are two clauses.

Completing Sentences Using Verbs in Subjunctive Mood

Start wishing, suggesting, demanding, or desiring at your own pace and comfort, drawing on the practice in our printable subjunctive mood worksheet curated for 8th grade and high school students.

Choosing Given Verbs in Subjunctive Mood to Complete Sentences

Where there's a subjunctive verb, the sentence often has two clauses: one with the subjunctive verb and another with an indicative verb. Explore more as you fill in the blanks, in this part of our verb mood worksheets pdfs.

Conditional Mood Verbs Worksheets

Learn and practice which tense to use while forming conditionals of type 0, 1, 2, and 3. These printable conditional mood verbs worksheets comprise a plethora of exercises for the grammar enthusiasts to choose from!

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Identifying Verb Moods

This verb mood exercise is the pinnacle of all grammatical mood exercises. Zero in on the highlighted verbs and find if the verbs are indicative, interrogative, imperative, conditional, or subjunctive.

Writing Verb Moods

As you recognize the moods used in the highlighted verbs here, you'll be amused that the indicative, interrogative, and imperative moods are easier to grasp than the conditional and subjunctive moods.

Converting between Verb Moods

The heydays of grammar practice are back! Enjoy the power, success, and popularity of verb moods as you convert each sentence into the mood as instructed. The good news is you just choose from the options given.

Correcting Shifts in Verb Tense, Voice, and Mood

Not only should a sentence be consistent in its tense, it must maintain a steady voice and mood too. Kick your consistency practice up a gear as you check the option that corrects the shift in tense, voice, or mood.

Keeping Sentences Consistent

For a sentence to be clear, it’s imperative that we keep its elements consistent. High school children will practice writing compatible sentences as they choose from the options given and complete the sentences.

Verb Mood Chart

An ideal resource for children in grade 8 to rely on as they home in on the verb mood, this chart defines each verb mood comprehensively. Watch the example transform each time to fit in the verb mood concerned.