7th Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Perk up your practice with our printable ready-to-use 7th grade language arts worksheets featuring exercises in phrases and clauses, simple, compound and complex sentences, identifying misplaced and dangling modifiers, diagramming sentences, direct and indirect speech, understanding the figures of speech, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings, building vocabulary and strategies in reading and analyzing informational texts, citing textual evidence, inferring direct and indirect characterization, and much more. Kindle interest and motivate learners with our free grade 7 language arts worksheets!

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Adjectival Phrases

Prepare for the nitty-gritty of adverbial phrases as you mine out and underline the group of words in each sentence that function as an adjective and describe the noun.

Completing Personification

Hold an impromptu personification session with this English worksheet pdf, where the grade 7 learners choose a word from the box attributing human qualities to non-human things and complete each personification.

A Time Capsule from 1883 | Reading Comprehension

Take a walk back in history as you read this blast from the past. Write an interesting paragraph about putting a time capsule together capturing and preserving your favorite memories for your future generations.

Dependent or Independent Clause?

Carve time out for this printable language arts worksheet that has an underlined clause in each sentence. Let grade 7 learners decide whether the clause is dependent or independent and write in the space provided.

Sorting Collocations

This is the best place to begin collocating words. Encourage learners to sort the words in the box based on their collocations with the words "do", "make", and "raise". Frame sentences using any five collocations.

Misplaced Modifiers | Editing and Proofreading

Scout out and underline the modifier that is separated from the word it describes in each sentence. Rewrite the sentences placing it correctly and complete the 7th grade English worksheet pdf.

Identifying Active and Passive Voice

Maximize your skills in detecting the active and passive voice using the hints: a sentence with an active voice has the subject at the beginning, while the word "by" signals passive voice.

Onomatopoeia Word Search

Pull out this printable grade 7 ELA worksheet when the I'm-bored blues start to strike. Identify the sound words or onomatopoeia from the pictures. Hunt them in the word search grid and circle them.

Ferdinand Magellan | Reading Comprehension

Build on what learners already know about the Portuguese explorer, and the difficulties he encountered during his voyage as they read the passage, citing textual evidence, and analyzing connections.

Compound Direct Objects

Fast-track your compound direct object identification skills with this 7th grade language arts worksheet pdf. Spot the compound direct object in the sentence that receives the action of the verb and write it.

Commonly Confused Words | Vain, Vein, or Vane

Do you often get balled up in using the words vain, vein, and vane? Learn their correct usage and complete the sentences, choosing between these confused words that have a world of difference in their meanings.

Inferring Direct and Indirect Characterizations

Put your inferring skills to good use, while reading each pair of sentences that describe the character explicitly or implicitly in this grade 7 printable ELA worksheet. Write "D" for direct and "I" for indirect characterization.

Imperatives to Reported Speech

Change imperative sentences from direct to indirect speech, replacing the reporting verb with words like requested, ordered, suggested, and using the structure: reporting verb + noun / pronoun + to infinitive.

Hyperbole or Not?

Thin as a toothpick, or pea-sized brains; replete with such hyperboles, this grade 7 language arts worksheet pdf gets learners figuring out if there is an extreme exaggeration in a sentence and check the option.

Cause and Effect Diagram | Fishbone Template

Brainstorm learners on any important topic, and visually categorize and analyze all the possible causes and effects of the problem stated using this fishbone diagram template.