Oxymoron Worksheets

Whether it's our desire to add a healthy junk food to our diet, or our love-hate relationship with a mall, we use oxymorons quite a lot in our everyday life. Is that a sense of wonder, drama, thought or humor that an oxymoron evokes? The answer is it's a bit of all of these, and perhaps even more. Our printable oxymoron worksheets are something that 5th grade and 6th grade students can't resist the charm of, for they brilliantly teach this amazing rhetorical device, and instantly win hearts. Explore some of our free oxymoron worksheets now!

Complete each Oxymoron

It will be the art of brilliance if children can complete each oxymoron presented in this pdf worksheet. Watch how they instantly make oxymorons by looking for contradictory words.

Oxymoron | Chart

This printable oxymoron chart is supremely likable and astoundingly engaging. By defining an oxymoron and providing a collection of six oxymorons stirring with life, it makes learning a promising experience.

Combine Words to make Oxymorons

Oxymorons are beauty, wisdom, and rhetoric all rolled into one. With them around, our writing and speaking experience is never the same. Here grade 5 children make oxymorons by matching the words.

Match Oxymorons to their Meanings

Do children have a fairly good stock of oxymorons that they can flash around at their pleasure? If not, it's high time they had one. Here's an exercise where grade 6 children match oxymorons to their correct definitions.

Underline Oxymoron in Sentences

Fueled by hard work and blessed with genius, 7th grade students come out victoriously from this underlining-the-oxymorons exercise. They read ten sentences, and underline the oxymoron in each of these.

Write Sentences with Oxymorons

With oxymorons, there's always a world of fun on the horizon. They whisk you away to a new world where humor meets a desire to excel. Watch middle school children as they write sentences, using the oxymorons.

Complete Sentences with Oxymorons

Continue to feed the practice-hungry children with oxymoron after oxymoron, as they are in no mood to settle for anything less. Let them choose a correct oxymoron from the box and complete each sentence in this pdf worksheet.

Underline and Explain Oxymorons

This 6th grade printable worksheet will turn out to be a passionate affair of learning and practice. Children pay attention as they underline the oxymoron in each sentence, and explain the reason why it's one.

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