Long E Worksheets

Our printable long "e" worksheets get your kids in grade 1 and grade 2 rattling off long "e" words effortlessly. A long "e" is the sound of the letter e. As inconsistent as English spelling is, having several ways of spelling the long "e" sound is all part of the game. Consider the words "feast", "breeze", and "shield". Look at how slyly the long "e" changes spelling to baffle you with a new look each time. Thankfully, our long "e" worksheet pdfs help put everything together. Try our free long e worksheets and come back for more!

Matching Pictures to Long E Names

The “cheese” and the “beet” in this exercise beef up the long "e" practice into an adorable phonemic experience. Match the pictures to their long "e" names. Read the picture, look for its name, and simply match.

Writing Long E Words | Cut & Glue

When we produce the long "e" sound, our lips are pulled back and the mouth is tense. In this long e pdf, grade 2 kids cut the images and glue them under appropriate long "e" words and write the words too.

Long E Chart

Watch kids radiate a phonic pleasure like never before, with this chart. Define the long "e" sound, whip through the various spellings that form the sound, and be on top of the game with easy examples.

Highlighting Long E Words

Start loving long "e" both for its industry and ease. In this part of our printable long "e" worksheets, grade 1 kids pick all examples of long "e" sounds from words with both long "e" and non-long "e" sounds.

Completing Sentences with IE Words

This worksheet is a fantastic supplement to kids’ phonics practice. Let kids in 2nd grade read each sentence carefully and complete it with one of the long "e" words spelled with “ie” from the word bank.

Coloring Words with Long E Sound

Kick start your long "e" journey with our printable long "e" worksheets. 1st grade kids help the girl find her way to the igloo by coloring the snowballs that have “ee” words in them.

Coloring Long E Pictures

Supply your grade 2 children with their daily dose of phonics! Each set in this exercise has four pictures; one picture has a long "e" sound. Say the name of each picture; identify the correct answer.

Sorting Words with EE and EA

Don’t just half-heartedly say “easy” or “beam”. Pour your heart into the words! In the box are long "e" words some of which are spelled with "ee" and some with "ea". Sort and write the words under a correct type.

Identifying Words with Long E Sound

Make a habit of scanning sentences for long "e" words, and surprise your peers with a good list. In this pdf from our long "e" worksheets, recognize and highlight the long "e" words in six sentences.

Writing Long E Names for Pictures

It's pictures that once again provide grade 1 kids with top-class companionship in this exciting long "e" journey. Under each image is its incomplete name. Complete it with “ee” or “ea”.

Long E Reading Passage

Timmy and Dad are out for a walk. They hope to meet trees, bees, and more. Read this wonderful story and identify the long "e" words in it. Long "e" sounds will now stream in, and kids will beam with a phonic smile.

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