Past, Present, and Future Tense Worksheets

Go all out exploring our printable past, present, and future tense worksheets and get children in grade 1 through grade 5 drawn to an ensemble of exercises that practice forming and using verb tenses to convey various times, sequences, states, and conditions, and identify past, present, and future tenses from the context. Watch an all-absorbing passion for distinguishing tenses come alive! Push for superlative skills in finding if the tense is past, present, or future with fun activities such as sorting, cut and glue, fill in the blanks, matching, coloring, and more. Surprise your peers by drawing on our free past, present, and future tense worksheets with answers pdf!

Writing Past Tense for Regular Verbs

Let the budding grammarians in 1st grade and 2nd grade grow from active to explosive practitioners of past tenses with this worksheet, where they write the past tense of each regular verb given.

Matching Irregular Verbs to Their Past Tenses

This matching activity will guarantee that kids in grade 1 and grade 2 have a perfect ball practicing the past tense. Instruct them to look at each irregular verb and match it to the correct past tense.

Identifying and Coloring Present and Past Tenses

Say hello to and get ready to bask in the warmth of these ready-to-soar present-tense and past-tense balloons! Identify and color the present-tense verbs pink and past-tense verbs green.

Identifying Verb Tenses

This present, past, and future tense worksheet pdf activates the sentence mode so kids in 3rd grade and 4th grade up their game by identifying the tense of each verb and writing it in the blank space.

Choosing Past, Present, or Future for Verbs in Sentences

Children in grade 4 and grade 5 foster a burning passion for identifying the tense of a verb! In this verb tenses worksheet, look at the verb in each sentence and shade past, present, or future as relevant.

Past, Present, and Future Tenses Chart

Thanks in no small part to an amazing array of functions of each verb tense, this past, present, and future tense chart pdf makes for a great tense ride for grade 3 students who are hoping to upskill.

Sorting Tenses as Past, Present, and Future

Help the magnetic, charismatic little prodigies exponentially upgrade with this past, present, and future tense practice pdf! Grade 2 kids sort each verb as past, present, or future and write it in the correct column.

Filling in Past, Present, and Future Tenses

In this past, present, and future tense practice worksheet, complete the table by filling in the past, present, or future tenses. Watch tenses come in droves to serve your past-present-future needs.

Past, Present, or Future | Cut and Glue

Don't miss this little packet of fun presented in the form of an exciting activity in our printable past, present, or future tenses worksheets, where children cut the verbs and glue them under past, present, or future.

Completing Table by Writing Past and Future Tenses

Experience how the present tense changes to fit in different persons while the past and future remain unchanged at all times in this task, where kids write the past and future tense to complete the table.

Identifying Verbs and Verb Tenses

Circle the verb in each sentence and decide if the action has happened in the past, present, or future. With this past, present, and future tense worksheet around no longer will 5th grade kids be worried about their tenses!

Simple Verb Tenses

Explore simple verb tenses with a plethora of exercises and activities. Have the simple past, simple present, and simple future wrapped around your fingers using our printable worksheets for grade 3!

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Progressive Verb Tenses

Who said it takes years for grade 4 and grade 5 kids to use and identify progressive verb tenses? Go through our verb tenses worksheets to feel how hassle-free it's to master this tense with lots of fun exercises!

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Perfect Verb Tenses

If you think children in 6th grade haven't had an opportunity to make it to the top of the ladder in perfect verb tenses yet, get hold of this printable verb tenses resource right away and go all the guns blazing!

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Perfect Progressive Verb Tenses

Get the perfect progressive tense right not just once or twice but every single time you attempt using one! Experience the joy of being able to use had been doing, has/have been doing, and will have been doing at your pleasure.

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