Verb Tenses Worksheets

Our extensive array of verb tenses practice worksheets assures that children up to grade 5, acquire a panoramic comprehension of conjugating the verbs correctly and use specific forms of verbs, to manifest different tenses for expressing time, continuance or completion of an action. This compendium includes charts, sorting verbs, matching tenses, choosing and converting conjugation exercises among many others, to surpass your learning expectations.


Simplify the concepts of tenses for your children by using this set of three charts that provide a view of all the various verb forms at a glance, for quick comprehension and easy reference.

Introduction of Past, Present and Future Tenses CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.1.E

Categorize the Verbs

Sorting an assortment of verbs into present, past and future forms is an enjoyable activity for children to recognize and revise verbs in their specific tense patterns, as a preparatory groundwork to use tenses.

Change the Verb Forms

Verbs constitute an integral part of tenses. This set of worksheets fulfills this prerequisite, by providing plenteous exercise in changing verb forms from present to past for a smooth take off of their tenses flight.

Identify and Name the Tenses

Our verb forms and tenses worksheets solidify the knowledge of recognizing verb patterns and further it by encouraging kids to name the tense and warm them up for understanding the twelve tenses better.

Simple Verb Tenses CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.3.1.E

Complete the sentences using Simple Present Tense

Give children an adequate exposure to the various uses of a simple present tense, and practice in converting the base verb into simple tense with changing subjects, with ease and confidence.

Complete the sentences using Simple Past Tense

Sufficient drilling in using the simple past tense will go a long way in facilitating understanding of the functions of this tense, and of its role in the ensuing past tense structures, for your grade 3 children.

Complete the sentences using Simple Future Tense

Use the printable for a detailed description of the simple future tense with examples and exercises to give a thorough overview of the different functions and usage of the tense.

Review and Revise Simple Tenses

Grab this opportunity to make your students recap the simple tenses, by doing this practice worksheet of converting simple present tenses to both past and future tenses, as a meaningful practice.

Form and Use the Progressive Verb Tenses CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.4.1.B

Present Progressive Tense

Combining the present tense with the continuous aspect, this verb form is used in several instances. Hence, our tenses worksheets blankets all its uses with sufficient explanation and practice sentences.

Past Progressive Tense

Improve your child's understanding of using the past progressive tense more appropriately and spontaneously with the plethora of sentences exercises that will also strengthen tense formation.

Future Progressive Tense

Children of grade 4 will gain ample ability in expressing futuristic activities that will be in continuation with these future progressive tense worksheets, that contains a comprehensive description of its usage.

Perfect Verb Tenses CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.5.1.B

Present Perfect Tense

This grammatical combination of the present tense and perfect aspect used to express a past event, is perhaps the most versatile tense in its usage. Learn and practice more about it with this printable.

Past Perfect Tense

Let children acquire a perfect understanding of the perfect tense (meaning more than perfect), used to refer to an action at a time earlier than a time in the past already referred to.

Future Perfect Tense

The exercise of changing the verb form to the future perfect tense will essentially allow children of grade 5 to perfect this grammatical aspect that views an action as prior and completed, projecting ourselves forward into the future.

Review and Revise Perfect Tenses

"Practice makes Perfect" it is said, so perfect your children further in the all three perfect tenses using this review and revise worksheet, that provides a thorough practice in using them with ease.

Perfect Continuous Tenses

Present Perfect Continuous Tenses

Practicing the tense that indicates an action which started some time in the past and continues to the present is sure to perfect children of grade 5 in using it accurately, and continue to do so without a hitch

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Let not the children be perplexed any longer with using the perfect progressive, as our worksheets provide adequate drill in expressing an unbroken action, that continued up to a certain time in the past.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

The use of this tense is analogous to those of the present perfect progressive, except that the point of reference is in the past. Nevertheless, some good drilling with our tenses worksheet in this can solidify the learning further.