Metaphor Worksheets

Identifying and using figurative tools are important for children in grade 4 through grade 7 to score high in reading, writing and literature. While similes employ explicit words of comparison, metaphors don't. By asserting one thing is another, rather than saying it is like another, metaphors become the ultimate in the comparison game. Metaphors make our language symbolic and visually appealing, while creating ample room for new learning. Welcome to our metaphors worksheets! Start your practice with some of our free worksheets.

Write your own Metaphors

Let students of grade4 share with you how passionate they are about metaphors, and let you wholeheartedly support them in return! In this pdf worksheet, children write metaphors using the two words.

Is that a Simile or Metaphor?

Differentiating between a simile and a metaphor is an exciting exercise. The rule is if there are words "like" or "as", it's a simile; or else it's a metaphor. This worksheet pdf helps practice the skill.

Metaphor Chart

Help 4th grade students connect with and understand metaphors, with this gem of a chart. Team up with them as they learn the definition of metaphors, and go through the given examples.

Underline Metaphors in a Poem

Great poems are abuzz with metaphors. With quality metaphors, poetry soars high and symbolism thrives. Let the young ones underline the metaphors that they hit upon while reading the poem.

Metaphors Match

Encourage and inspire children at every step, as they match metaphors to their meanings. Aside from sparking fun, this metaphor printable worksheet has great room for intellectual exercise too.

Underline Metaphors in a Story

Metaphors in stories are like pearls; you won't find many, and it takes curiosity and taste to spot them. Here, children underline metaphors and write sentences using a few of them.

Analyze Metaphors

Every metaphor has a tenor, a vehicle and a common ground, without understanding which, it's hard to become a metaphor master. Let the 6th grade students use this exercise to skillfully analyze metaphors.

Metaphors from Shakespeare

The Bard was an undisputed king of metaphors. His metaphors have withstood the test of time, and are used by people across the world. Grab this PDF worksheet to teach children a few Shakespearean metaphors.

Write Meanings of Metaphors

Metaphors are great fun to deal with. If 5th grade children keep at them, the entire process will become an absolute breeze. This printable worksheet helps students practice writing metaphors' meanings.

Simile or Metaphor | Cut and Glue

Separating metaphors from similes can be quite an engrossing exercise. In this cut and glue exercise, children sort sentences as metaphors and similes, to excel in their figurative tools.

Tell Similes from Metaphors

Packed with 10 similes or metaphors, this worksheet will be a testament of how well the students have taken home their metaphor learning. All they do is separate these as similes or metaphors.

Convert Similes into Metaphors

Converting similes to metaphors can be sheer joy for children. If you help them go through this exercise at their own pace, you will mold them into a bunch of young metaphor scholars.

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