Long A Worksheets

Our printable long "a" worksheets teach kids in grade 1 and grade 2 about the long "a" sound in words like "cake", "angel", and "rain". Try pronouncing each word focusing on its "a" sound. You'll see that this "a" sounds like the name of the letter "a" itself, which is why it's called a long "a". Also, learn the different spellings of the long "a" - "a", "a_e", "ai", and "ay". Practice and master this sound at your own pace under the tutelage of our long "a" worksheet pdfs. Some of these long a worksheets are free!

Completing Long A Words with A-E

Writing long "a" sound with "a_e" is so common place that in nearly every sentence we speak, we find instances of this. In this printable, look at the pictures and fill in the missing "a_e" in their names.

Filling in Correct Long A Spellings

Teaching various spellings of the long "a" forms the crux of teaching the long "a". In this section of long "a" worksheets, observe each picture, figure out its name, and write the missing letters to complete the word.

Long A Chart

Let's dive into long "a" sounds with a chart that magics youngsters with its inviting charm. Define long "a", know how to spell it, and grab a few examples of each spelling. Let them refer to this pdf at their pleasure.

Practicing Long A Words

However much you go after long "a" words and wishfully utter them one after another, you never reach a point when you no longer need to practice. Simply task yourself with reading these long "a" words.

Long A Word Search

This puzzle exercises kids’ phonic awareness and gets them to further their uptake of words that have long "a" sounds. The job is to find words with long a sounds, circle them, and write them separately.

Coloring Pictures with Long A

The patterns we see with long "a" are a solace in a mostly unpredictable world of English pronunciation. In this part of our long "a" worksheet pdfs, look at the images and color the ones that have long "a" sounds.

Long A Sounds with AY

"Play", a long "a" word, is perhaps the most loved of all words for a child; the feeling of relaxation it evokes is like no other. In this grade 2 exercise, name the pictures using correct long "a" words spelled with "ay".

Completing Sentences with Long A Words

Every sentence we read leaves us with pearls of phonic insight. It takes a keen eye to fully tap them though. Here, use appropriate long "a" words from the word bank and complete the sentences.

Writing Long A Words with AI

Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fetch a "pail" of water. Little did Jack and Jill know their "pail" of water had a tale of long "a" in it. 1st grade kids read the pictures and give them names spelled with "ai".

Identifying Long A Images

Find the long "a" sometimes in the first and other times in the second or third syllable. Every time, the sound helps produce one phoneme. Grade 1 kids circle the pictures that have long "a" names.

Highlighting Long A Words

Every long "a" word is a lively, long phonemic dream at work. It has learning in spades and practice in plenty! Kids in grade 1 carefully look at this pdf and identify the long "a" words spelled with "ae".

Which Word Has a Long A?

Few would dispute that cakes are great to celebrate the sweetness of good times! With its "a_e", the "cake" adds to the revelry of long "a" times too. Grade 2 kids circle the words with long "a" sounds and write them.

Identifying Long A Words

The pictures in this part of our printable long "a" worksheets for 2nd grade have all names with long "a". Observe the pictures and find the letters that spell them from the jumble of letters and write the words.

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