Phrasal Verb Worksheets

Since they are prevalent in spoken English and informal writing, phrasal verbs are central to the English language curriculum in middle schools. Our printable phrasal verb worksheets for grade 5 through grade 8 not only keep students informed about the substance and application of these multiword combinations of verbs and prepositions or verbs and adverbs, but they also help tremendously increase their phrasal verb uptake, with a large stock of commonly used phrasal verbs. Print our phrasal verbs worksheets now and help your children jump-start their phrasal verb learning in style! Print our free phrasal verbs worksheets now and help your children jump-start their phrasal verb learning in style!

Write Sentences using Phrasal Verbs

Reignite your child's passion for learning phrasal verbs. This printable 5th grade and 6th grade worksheet has eight phrasal verbs, using which children write independent sentences. Practice is the key here!

Phrasal Verbs with "go"

Learners in grade 6 and grade 7 will go after this printable worksheet, as they get to learn a plethora of phrasal verbs made from the word "go", and complete sentences with the right phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verb Chart

This phrasal verb chart is rolled out with nuance and heart. There are two sets of phrasal verbs, each equipped with six popularly-used phrasal verbs and their meanings.

Cut and Glue Activity

This cut and glue PDF has your students' interest at heart. Here, they cut the meanings and glue them with the right phrasal verbs. Phrasal verb learning goes a notch up.

Match the Phrasal Verb with its Meaning

Enjoy supporting your child and making a difference with this fun phrasal-verb-matching PDF. Help them generously as they match eight phrasal verbs to their right meanings.

Complete Sentences with Phrasal Verbs

This complete-the-sentence exexcise PDF, helped by diversity and discovery, creates a spark that feels fresh and lifelike. Let your child write phrasal verbs that capture the meanings given in the parentheses.

Phrasal Verbs - MCQ

This phrasal verb worksheet offers unparalleled teaching satisfaction. Children choose which of the two phrasal verbs best completes each sentence, it isn't as hard as it sounds though.

Story using Phrasal Verbs

The story "Cleanup day" has a lot of phrasal verbs incorporated in it. Ask children to mine the story for phrasal verbs, and use a few of these in sentences of their own.

Phrasal Verbs with "get"

The verb "get" has many phrasal verbs formed from it, and each with a meaning as different as chalk and cheese. Let children practice and perfect phrasal verbs using "get".

Phrasal Verbs with "look"

Instill confidence in your children, so they fast-track their phrasal verb attainment. Help them as they complete the exercise using the correct phrasal verbs using "look".

Complete Phrasal Verbs with Prepositions

Help your child achieve their complete phrasal verb potential, by mastering the prepositions used with phrasal verbs. Join them as they find the missing prepositions.

Three-part Phrasal Verbs

Encourage your hungry-for-more children to practice three-part phrasal verbs, as these help them stand out from their peers. The 7th grade and 8th grade exercise has eight sentences with three-part phrasal verbs.

Convert Phrasal Verbs into Normal Verbs

Help your children stretch their phrasal verb horizons, by learning how to convert the meaning of a phrasal verb into a normal verb. Watch how their hard work and passion pay off!

Separable Phrasal Verbs

Some phrasal verbs can be separated, while some can't. This engaging worksheet PDF gives children enough practice to master separation while they write sentences.

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