Articles Worksheets

Walk through this compilation of articles worksheets appropriate for children of kindergarten through grade 4 offering a wide variety of exercises to identify the definite article and indefinite articles and also when to use an article and when not to use one as well. Beginning with phrases, moving to sentences, passages and dialogue the worksheets are sure to pep up your grammar classes. The activities are learner-centered and the step-by-step approach helps impart knowledge effectively and interestingly. Kick into gear with the free worksheets here!

Articles - Cut & Glue Activity

Direct kids to identify the picture, cut the word cards and glue beside the picture and decide if the noun would take a definite or an indefinite article and precede the noun with the correct article.

Underline the Articles | dialogue

Let's move on to activities where the concept is expressed in more interesting and realistic ways. The dialogue here helps children reaffirm the concept of articles as they identify and highlight them.

When to use A / An | Chart

Familiarize kids of kindergarten and grade 1 with the usage of the two indefinite articles using this visually appealing chart. The chart vividly explains the use of 'a' with consonant sounds and 'an' with vowel sounds.

Choose the correct Indefinite Articles

Spark interest in kids with this fun and super easy indefinite article worksheet pdf and watch kids understand the basic rule and differentiate between a consonant sound and a vowel sound and use a / an accordingly.

Articles and Nouns Chart | A / An / The

Examples are a smart way of getting kids to learn the usage of the three articles: a, an and the. The articles are combined with nouns to demonstrate their use and figure out the role of these little adjectives

Definite, Indefinite & No Article | Usage Chart

Equip kids with this printable articles chart that clearly states the usage of the definite and indefinite articles and also states when not to use an article with examples.

Indefinite Articles | Sorting Nouns

This activity works great with beginners. Have kids cut up the pictures and label them. Let them sort the picture cards in two piles, depending on the article (a or an) they take and glue them in the correct column of the T-chart.

Choose the correct Noun

Identify the nouns that go with the articles, a and an. Instruct kids to read the words aloud and identify their initial sounds. The article 'an' goes before words with initial vowel sounds while consonant sounds take the article 'a'.

Articles | MCQ

Introduce the definite article "the" with this interesting exercise. It's a good idea to get students working with phrases first. Let kids identify the article that best fits each phrase and complete the pdf article worksheet.

Circle the Articles

Repetition allows the concept to sink into the minds of kids easily. Children in 1st grade and 2nd grade are expected to read the sentences and spot the definite and indefinite articles and circle them.

Complete the sentences with a / an /the

This batch of simple sentences best serve in testing knowledge. Kids fill the gaps with the definite and indefinite articles a, an or the depending on the noun being referred to.

Definite & Indefinite Articles

The goal here is to put across the basic usage of indefinite article when mentioning an object for the first time and using the definite article when it is referred to again.

Complete the Story with Articles

Another way to make grammar a little easier to digest is to teach it in the form of storytelling. Kids in grade 3 and grade 4 would love to complete the story of "The robin and the orchid" by filling in the gaps with appropriate articles.

Complete the Proverbs

How about teaching articles using little clever sentences that usually offer life advice? Get kids to complete these nuggets of wisdom with apt articles and enrich their language in the process.

Definite Article or No Article

This set of sentences may or may not require a definite article. Read the sentences featuring geographical locations and employ the usage chart to decide which of the blanks require an article.

Articles | Wildlife Theme

Try this wildlife-themed passage and watch your kids' eyes light up with joy as they observe the pictures and read the passage with a few blanks. Kids choose the correct articles (a, an or the) to complete the passage.