Adjective Worksheets

Recalibrate your descriptive language with our printable adjective worksheets for kindergarten through grade 7 children. Words that many writing-excited children marvel at the sight of, adjectives help our sentences spring into action! Whip up an adjective feast with exercises like matching adjectives, identifying adjectives, checking correct adjectives, cutting and gluing adjectives and exercises such as writing adjectives to complete sentences, completing shades-of-meaning tables, and more accompanied by an answer key for quick evaluations. Feel the difference by practicing our free adjective worksheets pdfs!

Describing Pictures Using Adjectives

Whether they refer to size or color, adjectives are replete with life! Kids in 1st grade and 2nd grade look at the pictures, read the questions, and check the correct adjectives.

Matching Adjectives to Nouns

Adjectives are kindergarten kids' trusted companions in their journey of learning English! Grab as many adjectives as you can so you'll do well. Match each adjective to the picture (noun) it best modifies.

Cut and Glue the Adjectives

Make a culture of learning adjectives with the nouns they describe best, such as a "powerful king". In this part of our adjective worksheets, cut each describing word and glue it below the relevant noun.

Writing Two Adjectives to Describe a Noun

You have a loved list of adjectives that you enjoy attributing to your dog, don't you? You might say, "a smart or agile dog" for example. Children in grade 1 write two adjectives to describe each noun here.

Writing Antonyms for Adjectives

Adjectives and antonyms' friendship has always blossomed into some droolworthy learning for grade 2 kids. Write the antonyms of the given adjectives. The pictures tell all the story so you needn't worry.

Completing Adjective Analogies

Watch how the rabbit and tortoise in our printable adjective worksheets enthuse grade 1 and grade 2 kids! Observe the pictures and write which person, animal, or thing matches the adjectives given.

Completing Sentences With Antonyms of Adjectives

Every "dark" night but makes way for a "bright" morning! Don't worry if your adjective practice is not great yet! Complete each sentence with the antonym of the underlined adjective. Observe the pictures for clues.

Identifying Adjectives in Sentences

It's no tall order to identify the adjective in a sentence, for often it falls just before the noun it modifies. Grade 3 and grade 4 children find out the adjective in each sentence and write it below.

Completing Sentences with Adjectives from the Box

If grade 5 students are stuck in an adjective deadlock, our adjective worksheet pdfs are their escape route! The task in this exercise is to complete the sentences with correct adjectives from the word box.

Highlighting Adjectives in Sentences

Adjectives radiate our desire to exalt learning in the company of these bubbly describing words! Help the adjective-driven learners to identify and highlight the adjective in each sentence.

Circling Adjectives and Underlining Nouns

The adjective-infatuated young maestros will need to pull out all the stops as they answer this pdf describing words worksheet! Let them circle the adjectives and underline the nouns they describe.

Finding Adjectives and The Nouns

Our adjective worksheets mean that grade 3 and grade 4 kids don't have to mothball their adjective-expansion plans! Identify the adjective and the noun it describes. Write the answers in the blanks below.

Coloring Adjectives and Nouns

Back amid some industrious adjective action, kids in 3rd grade and 4th grade go through the whole hog by coloring the adjective blue and the noun pink in each sentence. Adjectives will now dance to your tune!

Writing the Shades of Meanings

A man "mad" is hard to deal with! A man "furious" - better not to try dealing with him, for "furious" is twice as angry as "mad". Practice shades of meaning and write 2 synonyms for each adjective in this table.

Shades of Adjectives | Cut and Glue

A jar full of adjectives is a refreshing sight for grade 5 kids! Cut each synonym and glue it on the correct jar. Be sure each jar gets its share of 2 synonyms. Learn the subtle differences between words!

Coloring the Odd One Out

Warm further up to shades of meaning to distinguish between words that have similar meanings. Each set has an adjective that's not synonymous with the rest of the words in it. Identify and color this word.

Frequently Used Adjectives | Chart

With a beautiful butterfly at its helm, this adjective chart is high-winged, and it soars by introducing children to different types of adjectives. Explore the whole gamut of frequently used adjectives with examples!

Degrees of Comparison in Adjectives Worksheets

We have a huge stock of noun-number worksheet pdfs. Kids up to grade 4 recognize the nouns that refer to one and more than one and learn a few spelling rules to convert the singular nouns to plurals.

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Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheets

Not all words ending in -ly are adverbs. Consider "orderly" for example. Differentiate words that modify nouns from words that add details to verbs, adjective, other adverbs, or complete sentences.

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Ordering Adjectives Worksheets

Even the grammatically advantaged would time and again want to refresh their knowledge of arranging the adjectives in the correct order! Get oodles of practice with our printable, masterfully created adjective worksheets.

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Proper Adjectives

Upshift your adjective practice with this worksheet on proper adjectives – adjectives formed from proper nouns! Children in 5th grade and 6th grade write the proper adjective of given noun to complete each sentence.

Identifying Predicate Adjectives in Sentences

Adjectives are the ultimate protagonist in the description story of grade 6 children! Read sentences; identify predicate adjectives, the adjective that follows a linking verb in this predicate adjective worksheet pdf.

Rewriting Coordinate Adjectives with Commas

The more you explore adjectives, the more adjective-intrigued you are! Students in grade 7 figure out if the adjectives in these sentences are coordinate or cumulative. Add commas to separate coordinate adjectives.

Hyphenated Adjectives

This hyphenated adjective pdf rings in a spring of practice in hyphenating two or more words that come before the noun they modify and function as a single idea.

Participle Adjectives

Roll out the red carpet for participle adjectives, an amazing aspect of grammar! Children will be amazed as they encounter participles that morph into adjectives in this identifying participial adjectives in sentences exercise.

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