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Kindergarten Sorting and Categorizing Worksheets

Our printable kindergarten sorting and categorizing worksheets rejoice at the fact that children are naturally inclined to group things that they come across every day. Bolster this cognitive skill in preschool, kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 kids with the oodles of practice offered in our sorting and classifying worksheets. Get kids to observe the similarities and differences and classify a number of things into groups, based on colors, shapes, tastes, sizes, and more. Develop a range of thinking skills with our free kindergarten sorting and classifying worksheets pdfs.

Sorting Shapes

Abuzz with colorful pictures of shapes like triangles and rectangles, this printable sorting shapes activity, welcomes the young scholars as they observe the pictures, group them based on shapes, and glue them correctly.

Taste Sort

Think of a lemon when you fancy sour! The chili is your spicy ally! Sweeten up your sorting palette with this taste sort activity pdf where preschool and kindergarten kids categorize food as sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, or salty based on taste.

Sorting by Sizes

With objects of different sizes, this section of our printable kindergarten sorting and categorizing worksheets provides kids with an opportunity to observe and categorize objects based on sizes as small/medium/large.

Hard or Soft Objects

The simile "soft as feather" and the expression rock-hard hold more clue than your grade 1 and grade 2 kids need as they answer to sort the things into soft and hard in this sorting and categorizing worksheet pdf.

Sink or Float

Don't move heaven and earth thinking about why certain things, such as a beach ball, float while certain other things, like a rock, sink. For now, count on your experience and sort things into floating and sinking.

Sorting Land, Air, and Water Transportation

The pleasure of riding in a ferry across the Hudson River is exquisite, and few means of transportation afford passengers more breathtaking views of NYC than hot-air balloons. Sort the means of transportation into land/water/air.

Animal Sort | Pet and Wild

The lion is, hands down, the wildest of all animals. Dogs and cats far outdo the other pet animals in terms of popularity. Let the preschool and kindergarten children cut the animals and glue them under pet/wild.

Living and Nonliving Things

While living things eat and breathe, nonliving things don't, so it's easy to tell between living and nonliving things. Let 1st grade and 2nd grade cut the picture cards, sort and glue them into living and nonliving things.

Sorting Underwater and In-the-Air Objects

Half the things in this part of our printable sorting worksheets are representative of animals and objects found under underwater. Find out these along with the ones that belong to the in-the-air category. Cut and glue correctly.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Which is an uppercase letter: n or N? Is b uppercase or lowercase? Uppercase letters are capital letters. In other words, they are the bigger, taller, versions of letters. Sort the letters into uppercase and lowercase.

Healthy and Junk Foods

Mothers choose mashed vegetables as the first solid food to give their babies because they are very healthy. Although delicious, ice creams and fries are not healthy. Cut and glue the foods under healthy/unhealthy.

Sorting Pictures Based on Beginning Sounds

What is the beginning sound of "van"? It starts with a v, doesn't it? Ball is an instance of b being the beginning sound. Go find the beginning sounds of the rest of the objects yourself and complete this sorting activity.

Sorting Heavy and Light Things

A television must explain what heaviness feels like, just as a leaf illustrates what it is like to be light. This pdf from our sorting and grouping worksheets gets kids observing and classifying objects into heavy and light.

Sorting Colors

Red is the color of a tomato, and bananas are yellow-tempting. Enhance your preschool kids' classifying skills with this cute color sorting activity as they determine if the things are red, blue, green, or yellow and sort.

Hot or Cold?

The coffee is piping hot, and the Popsicle and ice cream give you a cold treat. Spur up grade 1 and grade 2 kids' sorting practice to meteoric growth with this sorting things into hot or cold worksheet pdf.

Letters and Numbers Sorting

Can your preschool and kindergarten kid distinguish numbers from letters? Is S a letter or a number? What is 3: a number or a letter? Make sure they get it right every time as you sort to classify these letters and numbers.

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