Rhyming Worksheets

Rhyme and rhythm are at the heart of every language, and English is no different. English teachers use rhyming to help kids experience the rhythmic beauty of this great language. Our printable rhyming words worksheets, which seek to reinforce the unique foundational skill as set out by the Common Core State Standards, are fully equipped to help students of kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 recognize and produce rhyming words. Let the young champs enjoy learning English, relying on our countless exercises, replete with learning and fun. Kick-start your rhyming practice with our free worksheets!

Which Picture Rhymes with the Word?

Identifying the rhyming word by looking at a picture can be greatly exciting! In this engaging PDF, the little champs expand the horizons of their rhyming knowledge, by 8 new words.

Identify the Rhyming Words

Kindergarten and 1st grade kids take their rhyming learning to the next level in this two-layered worksheet pdf. They first circle the words that rhyme, and then find out which word is a rhyming misfit.

Sort the Rhyming Pairs of Words

This printable rhyming words worksheet has 12 pairs of words, 6 of which are rhyming and 6 aren't. Let the kids wear their rhyming glasses to carefully separate the rhyming pairs from the non-rhyming ones.

What are Rhyming Words?

Teach your students what rhyming words are, and enable them to spot these while speaking or writing. This worksheet clearly defines rhyming words and provides examples to drive the concept home.

Words that Rhyme with Pictures

This brilliant worksheet unlocks the potential of rhyming to an all-new extent. Here's rhyming twofold and at times threefold, as kids tick two or three rhyming words in each question.

Circle the Rhyming Pictures

Nothing facilitates as thorough an understanding of rhymes as do colorful images. There are four words in each question, and let your kids circle the two or more words that they think are rhyming.

Farm themed Rhyming Words

This rhyming words worksheet has an animal farm for its setting. It's fun guaranteed. Kids identify the animal in the picture, and see which word from the box is a perfect rhyming match for it.

Rhyming Buddies | Cut and Glue Activity

This cut and glue worksheet is an absolute rhyming bliss. The budding rhymers cut the images, and glue them close to their partners in rhyme. Here are six more rhyming words.

Match the Rhyming Pictures

Here's yet another cute printable worksheet, filled with pictures left and right. Figure out the pictures first, before you start matching each picture on the left to its best rhyming partner on the right.

The Rhyming Tree

This rhyming tree is full of amazingly rhyming fruits, all ripe and ready for your kids to pluck. What they do is, they color the circles with rhyming words and leave the others as they are.

Complete the Rhyming Words

Teaching rhyming words in the company of a beautiful rainbow arch is pleasing beyond description. Here, kids complete each incomplete rhyming word using the clue provided within the arch.

Write the Three Rhyming Words

We hope you had a great time sharpening your rhyming know-how. Here are 7 words, and we ask kids to write 3 words that rhyme with each word. Show the world how big a rhymer you are!

Spot the Rhyming Words

Nothing can beat the pleasure of perusing a cute li'l poem, and finding out the rhyming words packed within its rhythmic verses. Kids pick 5 rhyming words and write them in the box given.

Complete sentences with Rhyming Words

We couldn't think of a better way to top off this exhilarating exercise of rhyming words pdf worksheets than asking 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids to keep at their rhyming task, and complete the sentences with ideal rhyming words.

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