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Clauses Worksheets

With its marvelous ways of decoding and deconstructing sentences, the English language never ceases to intrigue. Clauses are greatly symbolic of this aspect of the language. Understanding dependent and independent clauses greatly fuels the process of ELA, especially the writing and reading modules. From clear classifications to easy-to-grasp definitions and examples, our collection of printable clauses worksheets has a lot going for it. Recommended for students of grade 6 through grade 10. We offer some free worksheets too. Give them a try!

Dependent or Independent Clause?

Watch children embrace this exercise with the sort of enthusiasm that they usually reserve for soccer! Let 7th grade children identify the underlined part of each sentence as an independent or dependent clause.

Identifying Dependent Clauses

Let 6th grade and 7th grade children's knowledge of clauses turn from ordinary to top-rate, with this identifying-dependent-clause worksheet pdf! They read ten sentences, and underline the dependent clauses.

Types of Clauses | Chart

Give the young talent a rousing start with this greatly informative chart! It first defines and exemplifies an independent and dependent clause, and further divides the latter into three categories.

Identifying Independent Clauses

This printable exercise makes children feel at ease, while they identify the independent clause in each sentence. There are 10 sentences, each of which has an independent clause. This is fun incarnate, isn't it?

Combine using Relative Pronouns

It's no secret that practicing splitting and combining clauses is at the heart of the clause-concept, and rightly so, this worksheet for grade 7, grade 8, and grade 9 gets students to combine two independent clauses, using a relative pronoun.

Combine Two Independent Clauses

How about combining two independent clauses with a comma and a conjunction? Try this pdf worksheet on combining-independent-clauses and add-on to your practice.

Identifying Noun Clauses

Thanks to their popularity, noun clauses often cause a flurry of excitement among children. Watch the young clause-specialists in action, as they underline the noun clause in each of the sentences.

Adjective Clauses | Relative Clauses

7th grade and 8th grade learners become emboldened, as they embark on an exciting journey of underlining the adjective clauses in this printable exercise. They also find which nouns these clauses modify.

Split into two Independent Clauses

This independent clause worksheet pdf thrives on the tremendous upgrade and practice it offers young learners. Children rewrite each sentence into two independent clauses, eliminating the relative clauses.

Add a Dependent Clause

Adding dependent clauses to independent clauses is a great way to easily bring the clause advantage to your writing. In this pdf worksheet, children get to practice this skill, so they achieve perfection in their clause-learning.

Add an Independent Clause

The most exemplary way to overcome learning deficiencies in any field is to keep at it by repeated practice. Here, students add independent clauses to dependent clauses, in an effort to complete their clause-practice in style.

Underline Adverbial Clauses

Sit back and enjoy as middle school children prove they have an old head on their young shoulders! They identify the adverbial clause in each sentence, and substantiate the fact that nothing helps as devoted practice.

Complete the Story with Adverbial Clauses

Completing a story with adverbial clauses is an amusing assignment. The story "How does a garden grow?" is an interesting read, and kids have fun filling in the blanks with adverb clauses.

Noun, Adjective and Adverbial Clauses

We bet 9th grade and 10th grade students are bent to prove they are really gifted when it comes to identifying clauses. In this printable worksheet, they identify each underlined part as a noun, adjective, or adverb clause, before they celebrate success.