Kindergarten Language Arts Worksheets

Ginger up your practice with our printable kindergarten ELA worksheets. Practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters, identifying frequently occurring nouns, verbs, and prepositions, forming plurals, sorting objects into categories, reading common high-frequency words by sight, distinguishing between similarly spelled words, and much more. This set of kindergarten language arts worksheets pdfs stands out with its assiduous detail, abundant analysis, and ingenious demonstration.

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Tracing Lines

Lift your tracing skills to lofty heights with this English worksheet pdf for kindergarten. Trace the straight lines, slanting lines, and curved lines on the three bridges. The excitement is not devoid of challenges!

Missing Letters

Gain some extra mileage out of this printable kindergarten ELA worksheet that not only reminds kids of Christmas cheer but also helps recapitulate the letters of the alphabet as they fill in the missing letters in the baubles.

Beginning Sounds

Your passion for beginning sounds has found the perfect fodder with this kindergarten ELA worksheet pdf that gets kids to match the letters to the pictures whose names begin with the same sounds.

Fluency Passage

Join Tad in building a pen for his purple pig and learn three sight words: purple, here, and with. Barrel toward triumph as you get kids reading this fluency passage repeatedly.

Circling Nouns

Here's an opportunity for your little kindergarten champs to impress with their noun-finding caliber. Watch them help Olly the owl identify the nouns from a bunch of words and circle them.

Identifying and Tracing Color Words

The world is rich with countless colors that vie to grab our attention. Direct kids to identify the color in each paint can and trace the color word in this segment of our pdf kindergarten ELA worksheets.

Person, Place, and Things

Work up an appetite for identifying nouns with this English worksheet for kindergarten kids. Instruct kids to read the word and figure out if it is the name of a person, place, or thing and color it according to the code.

Counting Phonemes

What cat's averse to fish, and what child is averse to coloring? Get kindergarten kids to count the number of phonemes in the names of each picture and color the pictures that have the correct number of phonemes.

Silent E

There's tremendous room to apply your silent-e learning in this Language Arts worksheet for kindergarten that expects kids to sort the silent-e words into the four major categories.


Vibrant charts have been greatly effective in stirring interest among kids, and this printable chart is no different. Introduce kindergarten kids to the five different types of syllables and grab a bunch of examples.

Identifying Action Verbs

One word in each set is an action verb; the task is for kindergarten kids to discover the word and answer by drawing a circle around it. Let them first zero in on the definition given.