Vowel Digraphs Worksheets

Take your phonics a notch up with our printable vowel digraphs worksheets! The "di" in digraph means two, and the "graph" in it means a written form. A digraph has two letters that together spell a single sound. With exercises focusing on vowel pairs: ee, ai, ea, oe, oa, and ue, uniting to express one sound, the vowel digraph pdfs are a valuable addition to your kids' learning. Whether it is engaging exercises to cut through the topic or colorful images to grab the attention of grade 1 and grade 2 kids, these pdfs have them all. Try our free vowel digraph worksheets, and come back for more!

Circling Words with Digraph "ea"

If they're made of simply doubled letters, vowel digraphs are no tall order. When there are two different vowels, it's not that easy. Look at the pictures and circle the "ea" word that rightly names it.

Coloring Balloons with Digraph "ai"

What's common between pain and strain? We know you would rather live without them. Did you notice the digraph "ai" in both words? In this vowel digraph pdf, kids color balloons that have words with "ai".

Matching Pictures with "oa" Words

Find vowel digraphs in your Sunday roast and look for them in your buttered toast. In this printable "oa" digraph worksheet, task 1st grade students with matching each word to the correct picture.

Vowel Digraphs Chart

Welcome your tiny tots aboard an exciting journey and help them take a firm first step to learning vowel digraphs. With a clear definition and examples, this printable vowel digraph chart is a nice welcome treat.

Cut and Glue | Digraph "ee"

Watch for the double-letter vowel digraph "ee" in words like "need" and "seed". In our printable vowel digraphs worksheets, all that grade 2 kids need to do is cut each picture and glue it under the correct "ee" word.

Naming Pictures with "oa" Words

Focusing on "oa", this vowel digraph worksheet provides grade 1 kids with an opportunity to identify the pictures and write the correct "oa" word for each one of them.

Completing Sentences with Digraph "ai"

Few pursuits in English are as rewarding as analyzing the letter-sound relationship in a word. In this vowel digraph exercise, kids complete the sentences with the "ai" names of the pictures that sit inside them.

Writing the Missing Digraphs

Continue to add to your uptake of frequently used vowel digraphs. In this pdf exercise, kids in 2nd grade complete each word by writing their missing digraphs. We bet they'll come back for more.

Circling Pictures That Match the Digraphs

Awash with pictures, this task makes for a delirious practice of vowel digraphs. Against each digraph are a set of pictures some of which have the same digraph. Circle such pictures.

Multi-Sounding Digraph "ea"

More intriguing yet are vowel digraphs that have more than one sound. For example, the "ea" in "breath" is pronounced differently from the "ea" in "breathe". Sort the "ea" words based on their two sounds.

Finding the Path | Digraph "ue"

The worker bee has collected nectar for the queen bee. Can your 1st grade and 2nd grade kids color the cells in the maze that have the words with the vowel digraph "ue" in them, trace the path, and help the bee?

Making Words with Vowel Digraphs

Go bananas with our vowel digraphs worksheet pdfs! Your little champs glue a vowel digraph at the center of the wheel, look up for five words containing the digraph and write them on the wheel.

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