Prepositions Worksheets

Make your sentences a very-well-connected affair with our printable prepositions worksheets for kindergarten through grade 4 children! Words that link other words in a sentence, prepositions are inevitable for a sentence to make sense. Awash with exercises like identifying frequently occurring prepositions, coloring prepositions, matching prepositions, and identifying prepositions in sentences, our prepositions worksheets with answer keys exude enthusiasm in spades. Become preposition-sharp with our free prepositions worksheets!

Identifying Prepositions

Say hello to prepositions, words that help a sentence stand on its feet! In this identifying preposition worksheet pdf, kids read words, identify which of these are prepositions, and color them red.

Checking Correct Prepositions to Describe Pictures

Prepositions are little words that sweetly bombard our attention every day! Children from kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 observe each picture and check the preposition that best represents what they see.

Matching Prepositions to Pictures

Few prepositions command more respect than "in", "on", and "at". Make friends with a whole lot of them in this preposition pdf, where kids choose a preposition for each picture. Write the picture number in the circle.

Frequently Occurring Prepositions Chart

Set alight a preposition-smile on your face with this printable frequently occurring prepositions chart! Help 1st grade kids grab a good stock of prepositions of location, time, and movement.

Where Is the Parrot? | Cut and Glue

Observe the position or movement of the parrot from "in the cage" to "on the branch" to "over the pond", and so on. Grade 3 and grade 4 kids cut each preposition and glue it under the appropriate picture.

Reading Instructions and Drawing Objects

Prepositions precisely tell where things are located. In this printable preposition worksheet, grade 2 and grade 3 kids read the instructions and draw objects in the places specified.

Matching Sentences to Correct Prepositions

Let 3rd grade and 4th grade kids live and breathe rather than learn and practice prepositions! Take a look at each picture and match each sentence to a preposition that they think completes it correctly.

Cut & Glue Objects as Instructed

Every time kids cut and glue an object "on", "beside", or "under" another as instructed in this worksheet, their preposition-learning prospers! Once they're done gluing, they will see the picture in full.

Underlining Prepositions and Matching to Pictures

Pictures work like magic in the prepositional learning because they clearly depict the position of an object with respect to another. Find the prepositions in sentences. Match sentences to relevant pictures.

Reading Instructions and Coloring Pictures

Put on your preposition-cap and spread preposition-cheers wherever you go! In this part of our prepositions worksheets, 2nd grade kids read the preposition instructions and color the appropriate picture.

Observing Pictures and Completing Sentences

Watch how this super-brisk, super-imaginative puppy teaches kids in kindergarten and grade 1 how to use prepositions! Look at the puppy in each picture to complete the sentences with correct prepositions.

Which Preposition Correctly Completes the Sentence?

Start boasting prepositions as your most loved, most empowering tool! Task yourselves with observing each picture and check the preposition that helps correctly complete each sentence here.

Observing the Pictures and Answering Questions

Depending on whether we use them aptly or not, prepositions can make or break our sentences! In this preposition exercise, look at the people, animals, or things. Answer each question using the correct preposition.

Is the Preposition Correct?

This park, bustling with activity, is a paradise of prepositions. Look at the position or movement of each person, animal, or thing. Read the sentences; color yes if the preposition is correct and no if it’s not.

Completing Sentences with Prepositions from the Box

Don't just practice prepositions when you're asked to. Make prepositions a sweet habit that you would like to get into! Observe the picture; complete each sentence with a preposition from the word box.

Circling Prepositions in Sentences

If children stick to the preposition definition given in this worksheet to a tee, they will be able to effortlessly identify and circle the preposition in the sentences in this printable preposition pdf.

Choosing Prepositions to Complete Sentences

Although seemingly inconsequential words, prepositions are responsible to knit the sentence together. Look at each picture, choose and color the preposition that helps complete each sentence.

Filling in the Blanks with Prepositions

Experience how it would feel like to complete a bunch of sentences with prepositions of your own choice! The key is to read each sentence carefully and use a preposition that you think might fit.

Prepositional Phrases Worksheets

Test and stretch the limits of your preposition practice with prepositional phrases! Sometimes adjectives and other times adverbs, prepositional phrases both excite and challenge beyond measure.

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