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Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases | Worksheets

Make grammar fun for kindergarten through 5th grade children with this compilation of printable preposition worksheets. Learn to express relationships between words in a sentence using prepositions. Identify frequently used prepositions with exercises like Where are they?, read the instructions and draw, fill in the blanks, identify prepositional phrases and use prepositional phrases as adjectives or adverbs. The PDFs are perfect for in-class activities and homework assignments.

Preposition Charts

Visualize frequently used prepositions using attractive charts with fun illustrations depicting the position of the parrot and the dinosaur. Also, categorize them as prepositions of location, time and movement.

Preposition Basic CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.K.1.E

Where are They? | MCQ

Inject an element of fun and familiarize kids with prepositions by playing the game 'Simon says'. Direct kids to observe the pictures depicting the position of objects and check the correct preposition.

Read and Draw

Giving directions is an effective way to learn prepositions. Read and comprehend the instructions and illustrate the prepositions of location and movement clearly in each of these preposition worksheets.

Frequently Occurring Prepositions CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.1.I

Preposition Matching

Enable kids to build their knowledge of prepositions slowly and steadily with this fantastic preposition matching activity. First-grade kids look at the pictures and match them with the appropriate sentences.

Preposition complete the sentences | Theme | Word box

Once kids have a better grasp of prepositions, let them do a quick themed hands-on activity. Get them to describe the living room, kitchen and a scene from the park using picture prompts and plug in the apt prepositions.

Complete the Sentences

Figuring out which preposition to use can be a little tricky. Instruct children of grade 2 and 3 to ponder and write the preposition that best fits each sentence in this set of preposition worksheets.

Prepositional Phrases CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.4.1.F

Prepositional Phrases MCQ

The sentences are chopped into four parts. Identify the part that contains the prepositional phrase and choose the correct option in this batch of prepositional phrases worksheets.

Complete the Sentence with a Prepositional Phrase

Help students understand and correctly use prepositional phrases that contribute greatly to their linguistic fluency. Fourth-grade children choose the apt fragment from the word box to complete each sentence.

Prepositional Phrases used as Adjectives

Another much-needed skill worth mentioning is to use prepositional phrases as adjectives to describe nouns. The fifth-grade children are expected to recognize the prepositional phrase used as an adjective.

Prepositional Phrases used as Adverbs

Perfect your knowledge in using a prepositional phrase as an adverb to modify a verb, adjective, or an adverb. Spot the prepositional phrases and underline them in this unit of prepositional phrases worksheets.

Is the Prepositional Phrase used as an Adjective or an Adverb?

A preposition followed by a noun or pronoun forms a prepositional phrase. Identify and highlight the prepositional phrase in each sentence by underlining it and state if it serves as an adjective or an adverb.