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Consonant Blends Worksheets

Watch your phonemic enterprise ambitiously expand with our printable consonant blends worksheets for kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2! When two consonants team up to produce one sound and while retaining the sound of each letter, we have a consonant blend. There are both beginning consonant blends like "brush" and "green" where "br" and "gr" make one sound and ending consonant blends as in "find" and "tank" where "nd" and "nk" create one sound. Start preparing with our free consonant blends worksheets right away!

Tracing Words with the BR Blend

Whether it's the "brown" "bread" we eat or the "brush" we clean our teeth with, the consonant blend "br" is pretty much everywhere. Read words beginning with the "br" blend and trace the words. Best for 1st grade.

Coloring Words with the GR Blend

Get ready for some Christmassy cheer with this part of our consonant blends worksheets. Kids trim their trees by coloring the baubles that contain words spelled with the consonant blend "gr".

Consonant Blends Chart

What does an ideal consonant blends chart look like? It should clearly chart all major consonant blends out there. It must have examples so kids can take in the concept right away. Don't let go of this chart!

Completing Words with SN or ST Blends

It’s greatly rewarding to see the young readers do well and at times surprise you with their flair for consonant blends! In this 2nd grade printable, complete the words with the consonant blend “sn” or “st”.

Choosing between Blends – BL or BR

Once they get the hang of blends, the youngsters will gallop full speed ahead, taking advantage of every opportunity given to them! Identify the blend in each picture and color the correct apple with "bl" or "br".

Completing Words with CR or CL

The clusters "cr" and "cl" are instances of consonant blends that mostly occur at the beginning of words. A grade 1 printable where you look at the picture, check the correct blend, and complete the word.

Identifying Words with the SK or SL Blend

These green and yellow flowers work hard to help you ease into consonant blends. In this part of our consonant blends worksheets for kindergarten, color the “sk“ blends yellow and the “sl” blends green.

Filling in Correct Consonant Blends

Let your resolute and phonics-addicted students go on a filling-the-blanks spree in this grade 2 pdf! Each image has its name written below it, but it's incomplete. Pick an apt blend and complete it.

R-Family Blends

A range of blends such as the "br" like in "bread" and the "cr" as in "crab" form the group of r-family blends. In this section of consonant blends worksheets, circle the pictures that feature an r-family blend.

L-Family Blends | Cut and Glue Activity

Welcome l-family blends, a bunch where words like "bloom", "clock", and "flair" proudly belong! An activity for grade 2 children to name the pictures by cutting the l-family blends and gluing them in the correct boxes.

Writing Consonant Blends and Matching

You must be bonkers not to fall for the ease and charm of this part of our pdf consonant blends worksheets for grade 1! Write the missing consonant blend in each of the words and match the word to the correct picture.

Picking Correct Words with the FL Blend

Given the frenzy with which you're working on your consonant blends, the topic will go on to have a special place in your hearts. Write the names of the images by choosing words with the consonant blend "fl".

Completing Words with Final Blends

Devote quality time to our final blends exercise, which successfully complements your reading and spelling practice by presenting simple, 1-syllable words made fun by including their colorful pictures.

Choosing Correct Ending Blends

Allow for blending to constitute an integral part of your phonemic regime using this printable ending blends worksheet, where the task is for the budding phonic practitioners to say the name of each picture and spell the end blend that pronounces its end sound.

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