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Subject and Predicate Worksheets

Understanding the subject and predicate forms the crux of comprehending the structure of a sentence. Common Core has it that these two are so central to the ELA's scheme of things that devoid of a perfect knowledge of subjects and predicates, kids can't speak or write with insight, logic and precision. Our printable subject and predicate worksheets prepared for students of grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5, are brimming with learning backed by application, and thinking paired with action. Here's subject and predicate delivered! Kick-start your practice with our free worksheets!

Subject and Predicate-Coloring Fun

Let your 3rd grade kids paint their subject-predicate insight in colors! Read the sentences, identify the subjects and predicates in them, and color them pink and blue respectively.

Cut and Paste Activity

Help each forlorn subject meet its long-lost predicate in this cut and paste worksheet! Just watch how many complete sentences are born on the back of your great cut-and-paste deed!

Subject and Predicate Chart

Every ELA worksheet from MW4K has had a chart at the outset, giving all relevant details to you on a platter. Read this subject and predicate chart and you'll absolutely do well in all the worksheets.

What's Missing? Subject or Predicate?

This printable worksheet turns excitement on, as kids take the time to find out what's missing in each sentence. Decide if it's the subject or predicate that's missing and write it in the space given.

Add the Missing Predicate

Subject alone can't make a sentence. In this subject and predicate printable, let your ambitious ELA heroes write a complete and appropriate predicate for each give subject.

Identify Simple Subjects

A simple subject is the subject free from modifiers. Just ask kids to remember this, and you will be surprised how fast they were able to underline simple subjects in these sentences.

Identify Compound Subjects

The compound subject worksheet will no doubt inspire the budding talent in your class to grow into some pedantic grammatical promise. Tell them the key to identify compound subjects.

Combine the Single Verbs into a Compound Verb

Watch an interesting 5th grade predicate exercise unfolding in front of you! Inspired by the example given, the wannabe grammarians combine the two sentences to make a compound verb in every predicate.

Identify Subjects and Predicates

Now that the young learners know what a subject and predicate are, let them identify the subject and predicate in every sentence, packed within this pdf worksheet.

Add the Missing Subject

Writing a sentence devoid of a subject would be just as unfair as writing a whole piece of essay with no title. Help students complete each sentence with a right subject from the box.

Rearrange Words to make full sentences

Solving jumbled sentences has conventionally been a hit with students. This subject and predicate PDF worksheet revisits the jumble nostalgia by asking 4th grade students to correctly arrange the words to make full sentences.

Identify Simple Predicates

A simple predicate is the predicate stripped off any extra fittings. If they keep it as simple as this, your learners will have no problems underling the simple predicate in each sentence.

Practice Writing Compound Predicates

You and your craving-for-more champs had a blast dealing with compound subjects. This PDF explores the concept in predicates as kids write a compound predicate for each sentence.