Short O Worksheets

Sink your teeth into the short "o" sound with our printable short "o" worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2 kids. Watch a bunch of your favorite words like "dog", "mom", and "clock" display their phonemic talent! You have a new reason to love them – they all have a short "o" sound. Here's the story in one line. When the vowel "o" is followed by consonants, it makes a short "o" sound. Recognize, pronounce, and spell the words with short "o" sounds using our pdf worksheets. Access to some of our short "o" worksheets is free so go grab them first!

Reading and Drawing

Give an injection of excitement to your short "o" practice with this grade 2 printable. First, look at the short “o” words. Then, draw pictures to depict these words. A nice, word-to-image short "o" translation!

Writing Short O Names for Pictures

Competency in short vowel sounds, including the short "o" sound, is a pathway to phonemic success. In this part of our short "o" worksheets, use the short “o” words in the word box to name the pictures.

Highlighting Short O Words

With a galaxy of short "o" sounds glittering all over it, this pdf is a sheer display of phonic excellence. Kids patiently yet passionately pronounce the words one after another and highlight every short “o” word.

Coloring Short O Words

Some - not all - eggs in this 1st grade pdf have sweet, powerful, transformative short "o" tales to tell! Help the bunny reach the Easter basket by coloring the eggs having short "o" words written on them.

Short O | Chart

Gift your phonics know-how a plum upgrade with this short "o" chart! Memorize this comprehensive definition and grab some examples. Download, print, and display this prime resource in your study!

Short O Mystery Picture

This section of our short "o" worksheets is a fun coloring activity. Children in grade 1 color each short “o” word dark blue and each non-short "o" word light blue, and watch the mystery picture emerge.

Short O Word Search

The mouth forms into a slightly rounded but wide shape while producing the short "o" sound. In this word-search activity for grade 2, hunt for short “o” words. Circle the words and write in the circles below.

Tracing and Writing Short O Words

Get your hands on as many short "o" words as possible. Do consolidate your hold by taking the time and writing and tracing them as in this printable worksheet. Earn your short "o" success the hard way!

Short O | Four-in-One Activity

First up in this part of our short "o" worksheets is an identifying activity, after which there's an unscrambling task followed by coloring fun. Don't miss to complete the matching short "o" words with pictures too!

Matching and Tracing Short O

Give free rein to your short "o" ambitions in this exciting exercise for grade 1! Just sit back but give the sure-to-make-it-big kids oodles of encouragement as they strive to match each picture to its short “o” name.

Practicing the Short O Sound

Top of the list for any 2nd grade kid aspiring to excel in the short "o" are sentences and the huge wealth of practice they offer. Read these sentences over and over again zeroing in on their short "o" sounds.

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