Tag Questions Worksheets

Tag questions, also known as question tags, are especially used in spoken English. They're used to either confirm something, or in hope of getting a reply from the person we are speaking to. Even though most people are aware of and often use "isn't it" and "is it", there are countless question tags out there. Our tag questions worksheets are a strong blend of thoughtful: exercises are heedfully prepared with 5th grade and 6th grade students' interest at heart, and instinctive: kids start writing tag questions spontaneously after a few printable worksheets. Sample some of them for free.

Choose the Correct Tag

Let not the vagaries of tag questions distract children in no manner whatsoever! By picking the correct tag question for each sentence, they strike up a friendship with tag questions.

Cut and Glue Activity

This exercise is taught and supplied with an amazing cut and glue activity. The little ones cut each tag question and paste it with the correct sentence. Sit back and see kids thrive with tag questions!

Positive and Negative Tags - Chart

Let children say hello to tag questions from the bottom of their heart! This printable question tag chart thoroughly informs them about how to form tags for a variety of tenses both positive and negative.

Add a Tag Question

This tag question worksheet pdf is at its classic best, and kids display a judicious sense of application while at it. They read each sentence and add an appropriate tag question to it.

Rewrite Sentences

We bet the super smart children will gallop through this PDF worksheet with tremendous ease. They rewrite the sentences by correctly changing the tag questions in them. Smartness in play, isn't it?

Positive Tag Questions

Watch the promising champs delight in the company of tag questions, and take pride while this delight makes way for rapture! Here, they write a positive tag question for every negative sentence.

Choose Tag Question from Word Box

Let the ambitious heroes leave no stone unturned in pursuit of excellence while mastering tag questions. This printable exercise gets 5th grade and 6th grade kids busy rewriting each sentence by adding the correct tag from the box.

Tag Questions Rules Chart

This pdf chart unravels important points, turning young learners into confident tag masters. Learn how tag questions are different for imperative sentences, auxiliaries, modal verbs, "I am" and more.

Write Sentences and Tag Questions

Witness a special revelry unfolding itself in this worksheet made beautiful with images. Students of grade 5 and grade 6 figure out the pictorial sentence, and write a correct tag question for it.

Negative Tag Questions

We are sure children now are clamoring for more practice with tag questions. It's up to you to calm them down by letting them write negative tag questions for positive sentences.