Tracing Lines Worksheets

Let children feel properly resourced with our printable tracing lines worksheets and help them barrel toward a tremendous tracing triumph across fun tracing activities. Our line tracing worksheets pdf are proof that preschool and kindergarten kids' obsession with computers, tablets, and phones is no hindrance for parents to teach them the importance of handwriting and get them enjoying hours of tracing practice. With a wealth of tracing activities at their disposal, becoming writing-ready will be a breeze for children. Try some of our free tracing lines worksheets and come back for more!

Tracing Lines

Get set as you're going on a little tracing expedition, where you encounter different types of tracing. Keep calm, trace all four sets, and prove that your fantastic tracing skills are not accidental.

Tracing Straight Lines

In this tracing straight lines worksheets preschool kids practice tracing straight lines from left to right, top to bottom, and right to left until the bus is inside the school premises.

Tracing Lines to Match the Antonyms

Trace the lines so the full basket matches straight to its empty counterpart, the closed lock is up against the open lock, and so on. An opportunity to flaunt your tracing talent and learn a few antonyms too!

Tracing Lines Ball Theme

Trace from left to right and watch each ball go into the basket and join the others. Don't limit yourself to one type of tracing, but explore the full gamut of tracing with our tracing lines worksheets.

Tracing Lines to Build the Bridge Structure

Watch how your tracing helps the bridge be twice as strong! Just a good reminder, the bridge should have a solid structure, so trace as well as you can and choose the appropriate tracing type too.

Tracing Lines Easter Bunny Theme

Enjoy in a few moments days' worth of tracing fun! As the Easter bunny symbolizes new hope by decorating and hiding eggs, we hope our writing readiness worksheet pdf helps children resurrect their tracing fortunes.

Tracing Lines to Match Numbers to Quantities

Blending numbers into tracing, this segment of our tracing broken lines worksheets will have preschool and kindergarten kids matching numbers to the correct quantities by tracing over the broken lines.

Tracing Lines Different Themes

The kite string, Christmas tree, swimming pool and drum have united to give kids some spirited practice. Work on the dotted patterns adding details to the objects in this printable broken lines tracing worksheet!

Tracing Lines to Make Shapes

This pdf gets underway by tracing squares and triangles, progressing from small to big. It gathers momentum with tracing circles and rectangles and brings down the curtain with an oval-tracing fun.

Tracing Lines to Make Railroad Cars

With five square-shaped railroad cars inviting preschool children to trace and color them, this tracing straight lines printable worksheet has tons of relish in store. Trace and color to your heart’s content!

Tracing Lines to Form a Rectangle

The four phases in this tracing worksheet pdf, a tracing beaut, are coloring a rectangle, tracing a rectangle, joining the dots to draw a rectangle, and drawing your own rectangle.

Tracing Lines to Make Triangular Rays

Watch the rays of the sun shine through this line tracing worksheet pdf! Let preschool kids hold tight to their pencils and trace the triangular rays. Help them pick their loved crayons and color them.

Tracing Lines to Complete the Caterpillar

This caterpillar-themed tracing worksheet printable is a beautiful double act! First, children trace the circles on the caterpillar and complete it. Then, they color the circles so it springs to life.

Tracing Horizontal Lines

The ingenuity and diversity of our tracing lines worksheets are hard to beat! Watch as the young students trace horizontal lines with a lot of heart and across an impressive raft of fun activities.

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Tracing Vertical Lines

The name of the game is improving children's fine motor skills! Equip preschool and kindergarten kids to welcome the wonderful world of writing with our well-researched, highly imaginative tracing activities.

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Tracing Curved Lines

Few activities are as addictive as tracing a curved line! Experience how this addiction delivers stacks of cognitive development for your child as they work their way through our printable tracing lines exercises.

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Tracing Diagonal Lines

Our diagonal-lines tracing exercises are buoyed by the snails, winter objects and objects reminiscent of the ever-cherished St. Patrick's Day traditions that strive to make this bunch a grand affair.

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Tracing Zigzag Lines

The very word "zigzag" tells the whole story! Trace lines with frequent sharp turns from side to side like in the letter Z. This pdf helps develop the muscles on kids' little hands slowly but steadily!

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