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Types of Sentences Worksheets

In life, we sometimes ask questions, and sometimes get wonder-struck with what we see around us. As there are different meanings that we convey through our everyday sentences, there is a variety of sentences: declarative, interrogative, exclamatory and imperative for us to be familiar with. Our types of sentences worksheets define, describe and exemplify each of the four types in great detail. Team up with children from grade 1 to grade 4, as they endeavor to enhance their grammatic mettle, and rejoice as their knowledge of sentence-types grows from pedestrian to inspired. Our free types of sentences worksheets offer the perfect start!

Statement or Question - Cut and Glue

Show children that you are as imaginative a teacher as any other, by helping them do this activity. They cut the sentence strips, sort them as sentences and questions, and glue them in the appropriate column.

Command or Question?

Telling commands from questions isn't as hard as it appears to be. Questions have question marks, while commands don't. This 2nd grade PDF worksheet exponentially supplements the command vs question practice.

Types of Sentences Chart

This printable chart gives the 1st grade little champs time and space to connect with each sentence type. It not only defines each sentence type, but it also clearly exemplifies it with a picture.

Identifying Types of Sentences

It's time to know how well 3rd grade children have understood the four types of sentences. Bearing in mind the elements of each sentence type, they decide which of the four types each sentence belongs to.

Imperative Sentences | Signs

Signs have tongues, and each sign communicates a specific message. In this pdf exercise, children look at each of the signs and write an imperative sentence figuring out what it's trying to tell.

Rewriting as Declarative

It's now time for interrogative sentences to be rewritten as declarative sentences. Practicing conversion back-to-back ensures that the young prodigies hammer the concept home in style.

Statement or Question?

You will be surprised to see things happening thick and fast, as children try to distinguish statements from questions in this pdf worksheet. If it's a statement or question, they write so in the given space.

Writing Sentences using Picture Hints

We are sure the grade 2 and grade 3 children are now ready to write their own sentences across the four major types. Let them do it with swagger, as they use the picture hints and write the sentences.

Rewriting as Interrogative

A brilliant way to know how well children are coming up their learning ladder is to get them to convert one sentence type to another. In this printable worksheet, they convert declarative sentences into interrogative ones.

Rewriting as Exclamatory

Who can deny the wonder and excitement associated with exclamatory sentences? Give them a big hand, as the 4th grade young heroes rewrite each declarative sentence as an exclamatory sentence!