Fifth Grade Spelling Worksheets

Watch every spelling wish come true with our printable fifth grade spelling worksheets, massively equipped to raise the children's spelling fortunes. Before you encourage the wannabe spelling masters to answer our exercises, you would do well by hammering home how badly they need spelling in their daily life, let alone their academic life. Whether they are looking up names in a phone book or referring to a dictionary or thesaurus, spelling is the name of the game. Our grade 5 spelling worksheets pdf are a spelling dolce vita with activities and exercises you have never seen before. Get the ball rolling with our free 5th grade spelling worksheets!

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Spelling Words List | Level E

Who said spelling is unpredictable? Do you think perfect spelling is a myth? Our word lists, supplementing the worksheets to teach spelling systematically, prove spelling's simple.

Unit E1 | -ent Family Words

There's more regularity and pattern to the way English spells its words than many think there is. This identifying the correctly spelled -ent words exercise explains how. Color the rightly spelled word in each set.

Unit E2 | -ant Family Words

Brilliant, elegant, jubilant, pleasant, and on they go! All words that exude joy in spades! The point is the words are spelled with -ant. Complete each word four times. Remember each time the missing letters are different.

Unit E3 | -tial/-cial Family Words

Use cial/tial to spell the "shul" sound at the end of a word. Vowels are special; use -cial after a vowel and -tial after a consonant. There are exceptions though. Make tial/cial words. Check the answer you choose.

Unit E4 | ann/enn Family Words

With our grade 5 spelling worksheets around, you'll most likely have a banner year for spelling words! Don't miss this exercise on completing words with ann or enn and writing the word in the space provided.

Unit E5 | -ible/-ibly Family Words

Thanks to this spelling-practice worksheet, possibly you're going to be more spelling-responsible than any of your peers! Prove you have by making words with -ible/-ibly to the given word parts. Write the words.

Unit E6 | com-/con- Family Words

Choose com- or con- to complete each word. As always, write the word in the space given. Check the option that you choose. Yet another tool to make spelling learning and instruction a breezy experience!

Unit E7 | -logy Family Words

It's time to play! This time you get to spell well and play well, as you spin the wheel to create as many words with -logy as there are word parts in the wheel. You should write the words formed on the following page.

Unit E8 | sub- Family Words

We bet you enjoy your subs, wraps, and salads! Have you taken a moment to find if you can spell the word subway correctly, though? Write each word, a word that starts with sub, three times.

Unit E9 | fract/graph Family Words

Watch "graph" and "fract" toggle between the beginning and ending of words, as in graphic/fraction and refract/holograph, as you unscramble the graph/fract words and write them twice to reinforce the spelling.

Unit E10 | ad Family Words

The ad- family of words is a dominant, high-powered family, and go the whole gamut of ad words in this spelling-practice exercise where you look at the 24 words in the word box and arrange them in ABC order.

Unit E11 | ex- Family Words

The ex- words are an extraordinary bunch! With "exhilarating" at their forefront, the set adds a layer of excitement to it. Add ex- to each word part and make a new word. Write the word in the box given.

Unit E12 | -tion/-sion/-cian Family Words

Congratulations! Your stern determination, supported by your teacher's close supervision, has finally made you a spelling magician! Add -tion/-sion/-cian to complete the word parts and write the words. Do check your answer.

Unit E13 | -cious/-tious Family Words

Often we use -cious if the root word ends in ce, as in space-spacious. Use -tious if the root word is suffixed with -tion in its noun form, as in caution-cautious. Beware of the exceptional cases as you answer.

Unit E14 | ob- Family Words

The objective of this pdf from our fifth grade spelling worksheets is to get the child obsessed with obtaining mastery in spelling ob-words. Instruct the children to identify the correctly spelled word in each set.

Unit E15 | pre-/post- Family Words

The definitions given are as clear, precise, and simple as could be, so the spelling giants in grade 5 won't get stuck answering the crossword puzzle by finding the pre-/post- words and writing them in the grid.

Unit E16 aero-/ambi-/anti-/astro-/audi- Family Words

Zero in on each word part given; identify and choose the options, aero-, astro-, anti-, ambi-, and audi-, the word would sound complete with, and write the word.

Unit E17 | ow/ou/oi/oy Family Words

Employ our proven-to-be-effective tools to increase your spelling hoist like never before! One of the ow, ou, oi, or oy words in each set is wrongly spelled; the job is to pick the correctly spelled one and write it.

Unit E18 | dis- Family Words

Discharge your spelling duty to perfection to discover words starting with dis- in the word search grids. Display your skills to outsmart your peers by being the first to write the words on the lines given.

Unit E19 | -ise/-ize Family Words

It's always a pleasant "surprise" and never "surprize"! Words like "cognize" and "oversize" always end with -ize and never with -ise. Discover each -ize or -ise word and write the word in the space provided.