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Spelling Worksheets and Spelling Lists

Our printable spelling worksheets and spelling lists work like magic for the many young readers in grade 1 through grade 5 who are puzzled by the rules and exceptions of spelling. Ours is a time when many a literate adult comes across as a poor speller and has a hard time spelling words, let alone children. Research has proved knowing how to spell a word makes its representation easy, facilitating fluent reading. Shining through the tailor-made exercises in our spelling worksheets pdf is our belief that children can memorize only a few dozen words and they should develop insights into how letters and sounds correspond. Catch a glimpse of the activities in our free spelling worksheets and spelling lists.

Select Spelling Worksheets by Grade

Sight Words & -at Family Words

Put on your spelling hats and journey through this printable spelling worksheet, memorizing sight words like and, of, the, and words sharing a common ending -at like bat, cat, sat, and many more!

Level A Spelling List

This level A spelling list provides comprehensive spelling practice. Each week, you'll delve into specific word types, honing your skills and encountering fresh sight words to enrich your vocabulary.

Sight Words & -ai Family Words

Nail the ai sound with this spelling worksheet pdf that gets little kids to observe the picture and decode its -ai name.

Level B Spelling List

Plan your weeks by introducing new word types and sight words regularly with this level B spelling list, and ease your quest for suitable practice material to enhance spelling skills.

Sight Words & -ed/ied Family Words

Excitement will echo as you get kids to joyfully spell words by adding -ed or transforming y to -ied and creating past tense with this spelling worksheet. Let the linguistic celebration begin!

Level C Spelling List

Formulate a weekly plan, incorporating fresh word types and sight words regularly with this level C spelling list and rest assured for the entire year.

Sight Words & Long and Short a Words

Get ready for a thrilling linguistic adventure with this spelling worksheet. Complete the words by filling in the blanks, but beware – each missing letter varies, adding excitement to your spelling journey.

Level D Spelling List

Elevate your spelling prowess with our level D spelling list that boosts your chances of effortlessly recognizing words in diverse texts and improves your spelling skills.

Sight Words & -ent Family Words

Watch kids bring the linguistic canvas to life as they identify and color the accurately spelled word on each pineapple.

Level E Spelling List

Fresh words and fresh spelling rules! Welcome aboard our level E spelling list, a valuable resource for teachers and parents looking to enhance their kids' spelling skills.

Sight Words & -ad Family Words

Can you identify the cloud with the correct spelling. Infuse energy into your learning by coloring the cloud that accurately spells the -ad word.

Sight Words & ch/tch Family Words

Unravel the playful trio: ch starters, ch enders, and the enchanting tch operators with this spelling worksheet that gets kids to sort the words into the three types.

Sight Words & -oi/oy Family Words

Pick between oi and oy to complete each word. Watch kids color the correct star and illuminate to their linguistic journey.

Sight Words & Long and Short i Words

Master long and short i words as you skillfully insert the missing vowels in each word. Solidify your spelling by writing each word twice, making the journey engaging and impactful!

Sight Words & tial/cial Family Words

Challenge yourself to create tial/cial words and master the "shul" sound at the end of words! Remember, vowels deserve something special - use -cial after them and -tial after consonants.