3rd Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Rev up kids with our printable 3rd grade language arts worksheets comprising exercises with answer keys for independent practice across a wide range of topics such as abstract nouns, forming comparative and superlative adjectives, identifying coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, using simple verb tenses, enhancing vocabulary with similes and alliterations, reading to make logical connections like causes and effects, and writing research reports using the prompts. Grab our free grade 3 English worksheets, head over, and check out for more!

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Identifying the Abstract Nouns

Forage and identify the abstract nouns or words that talk about intangible things that cannot be perceived by the senses in the sentences and underline them.

Writing Simple Present Tense

Express habits or general truths forming the simple present tense of each verb and complete the sentences packed in this English pdf worksheet, ensuring the noun and verb agree in the number.

Negative Prefixes | Cut and Glue

Strengthen the pillars of vocabulary by adding negative prefixes to the adjectives in this ELA pdf worksheet. Cut the negative prefixes and glue them beside the suitable roots to form the antonyms of the words.

Treehouse | Expository Writing Prompt 2

Constructing a hideaway for kids in your backyard can be oodles of fun and so will be describing the materials, and explaining the step-by-step procedure involved in its making.

Sight Words & -ar/-er/-or Word Endings

Packed with illustrations of cookie jars, this pdf can be used to familiarize kids with spellings of words ending with ar, er, and, or.

Positive, Comparative, and Superlative Adjectives

Take your describing and comparing skills up a notch and form the positive, comparative or superlative degrees of adjectives, applying the spelling rules to complete the table of comparison.

Identifying the Subject and Predicate

Read each sentence gathered in this 3rd grade language arts worksheet and identify the subject or the noun or pronoun-based part and predicate or the verb-based part, circling the former and underlining the latter.

Completing the Story with Homophones

Grade 3 kids master tricky homophones like hoarse / horse, rode / road, as they complete the story "A Visit to the Horse Farm", choosing between each homophonic pair.

Identifying the Causes and Effects

Comprehend the relationship between actions and reactions as you skim through the sentences in this 3rd grade printable language arts worksheet, identifying the causes and effects in each and writing them.

Coordinating or Subordinating Conjunctions?

Hunt for the conjunction in each sentence and write CC (coordinating conjunction), if it joins two independent clauses, or SC (subordinating conjunction), if it joins a dependent and an independent clause.

Punctuating Sentences with Commas

The little squiggles can mess up your sentence. Children are expected to insert commas in this grade 3 English worksheet to separate words in a series and rewrite each sentence with proper punctuation.

Making Similes from Pictures

The quick-witted 3rd grade kids look at the pictures in this printable ELA worksheet, describe the nouns with appropriate adjectives and make direct comparisons using the words "as" and "like".

National Cherry Blossom Festival | Reading Comprehension

Head toward the Tidal Basin in a bicycle, a Segway, a kayak, or simply scan through this passage and know the important facts associated with the Cherry Blossom festival and answer the questions.

Recognizing the Helping Verbs

An auxiliary verb extends the meaning and adds detail to how time is expressed in a sentence. Scout out the helping verbs that go before the main verb in each sentence and underline them.

Completing the Passage with Articles

Double the fun with this English pdf that expects kids to complete the passage describing the wildlife image using the definite and indefinite articles and color the picture too.

Alliterating Animals

Spice up the language of grade 3 kids as they create interesting alliterations while describing the five animals: bear, dinosaur, zebra, horse and elephant in this printable language arts worksheet.