Pun Worksheets

Our printable pun worksheets are a punster’s paradise. Inspired by the fact that understanding jokes is a key part of native language acquisition, our pun exercises for grade 8 and high school students help teachers create a class that laughs together to learn together, with scads of humor and rhetorical effect that shine through our pun worksheets pdf such as identifying puns, writing puns, matching scenarios to their pun-fuelled responses, and more. Our free pun worksheets are a good place to kick-start your journey.

Identifying Puns in Sentences

Two-tired of coming across as somber and humorless? This printable identifying puns exercise is the comic relief the pun-trepreneurs in 8th grade have been seeking after. The charm of a heart-felt pun, like scrambled eggs for breakfast, is hard to beat.

Writing Puns

The bread and butter of a pun is language play that packs the arbitrariness of meaning and layers of nuance onto a single word. Explore more of this as you draw on the ideas given and write sentences containing witty puns and evoke quite a few chuckles.

Identifying and Explaining Puns

Puns arouse a whole gamut of emotions under the pun-brella of its witticism: ranging from “Aha!” to “Haha!” to “No!”. The 8th grade students will be pun-stoppable as they enjoy the exalted art of punning by spotting and interpreting the puns in this pun worksheet pdf.

Matching Sentences to Their Pun-Filled Responses

Few languages boast a richer reservoir of sources for puns than English, which has been, and continues to be, fed by countless streams on its growth. High school children will appreciate this beauty of English as they complete this matching puns exercise.

Highlighting and Interpreting Puns

Laugh all the way as you unravel the “excellent” in “egg-cellent” and fix the punny “mistake” in “missed steak”. Part of the insight given by this exercise is it’s the intricate system of spellings, pronunciations, and meanings that makes English so pun-rich.

Deciphering Headline Puns

Do some humongous pun work in this part of our printable pun worksheets for 8th grade and high school. We give you a good run of classic puns used by media in the past and ask you to find the two meanings. This will have the children in stitches.

Puns with Homophones

Have a penchant for corny humor? Say hello to our soundalike puns pdf, which tasks the pun-sulting students from grade 8 with writing puns using homophones. Just to refresh, homophones are words with the same sound but two meanings.

Puns with Homographs

Homographs, responsible for lookalike puns, are the ultimate in wittiness. Toggle back and forth between meanings as you identify the two meanings of each word; erupt in fits of laughter as you write a pun keeping in mind the uncanny coupling.