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Double Negative Worksheets

A double negative means having two negative words in a sentence. In standard English, when a sentence has words like nothing, nowhere, and nobody, we don't use a negative verb. However, double negatives are not entirely unacceptable. They sometimes are used as a way of softening or downtoning the meaning of an adjective or adverb with a negative prefix. Our printable double negative worksheet pdfs for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade children turn this grammatical aspect into a cheery and springy affair by piecing together a compendium of interesting exercises. Plunge into practice with our free worksheets!

Correcting Sentences with Adverbs

A good way to learn and perfect double negatives is to correct a bunch of sentences with wrongly used double negatives in them. Here 5th grade students correctly rewrite the sentence while retaining the adverbs.

Coloring Correct Images

Let grade 3 and grade 4 children not use another negative when a sentence already has words like no longer and nothing. In this printable worksheet, children color each image that is devoid of a double negative.

Rewriting Sentences in Two Ways

There are two ways to correct a double negative sentence. You can either use a negative verb with any, or a positive verb with no. This PDF worksheet for grade 5 provides enough practice in correcting double negatives.

Completing Sentences with Correct Words

Students can sometimes be tempted to use an extra negative word when it's not supposed to be there at all. This PDF gives them practice with choosing the right word and avoiding double negation.

Double Negatives Chart

This chart is a perfect prelude to the double negatives worksheet. This helps kids closely understand what double negatives are and dive a little deeper into the concept with examples.

Changing Positive Sentence into Negatives

This simple yet exciting exercise prepares 3rd grade and 4th grade children to be able to adeptly convert positive sentences into negative ones, and it becomes easy as a pie for them to deal with double negatives.

Choosing the Correct Sentence

Give the self-motivated champs a little practice with identifying which of the two sentences is correct and which one is not. Remind them that if there is a double negative, it's wrong.

Finding Double Negatives and Rewriting

Keeping a close eye on sentences is the key to steer clear of double negative problems. This printable worksheet greatly eases the process, with students correctly rewriting each double negative sentence.

Completing the Sentences

Sitting with their peers, children will enjoy completing sentences with the correct words, avoiding double negatives in the process. This PDF cements their learning, so children know double negatives in and out.