Fluency Passages Worksheets

Grab our printable fluency passages worksheets and help the emergent readers in kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 increase their reading fluency! The practice includes spotting sight words so the early readers save lots of time by comprehending the passage right away and not wasting time trying to decode words. Let them focus on one phonic skill, such as reading a specific short or long vowel, or bettering their skills in CVC words, or practicing the silent "w" or "k" at a time so fluency practice feels like a breeze. Take a firm first step to becoming reading-fluent with our free pdf reading fluency passages!

Sight Words

Sight words are commonly used words that don't follow a known pattern. Let kindergarten kids memorize sight words and identify them by sight. Read the passage and find 3 sight words in it – purple, here, and with.

Sight Words - More Practice

If kids recognize sight words, they can identify most words even before reading them. This means they can focus on meaning rather than decoding every word. Mark 4 sight words in this fluency passage practice.

The Silent W

Kate will hang a wreath on the door for the holiday. Let the phonic stars in 1st grade and 2nd grade read this fluency assessment pdf 3 times and see if they can identify words, like wreath, where the "w" is silent.

The Digraph AI

There's a music to words such as train and mail – the music of the digraph "ai". While they take their reading skills up with this printable fluency passage worksheet, the emergent readers also practice the digraph "ai".

The Silent K

The silent "k" has the knack of making beginner spellers excited! Follow Rob step by step as he makes a meal. Read the passage 3 times. Identify instances of the silent "k". Ideal for grade 1 and grade 2.

CVC Words from -UN Family

Make friends with CVC words from the -un family: words like nun and run! Explore how Bob and Dan play in the sun. As you read the passage 3 times, get scads of fluency practice. A fluency oasis for early readers!

CVC Words from -ET Family

A key aspect of balanced literacy, fluency helps boost comprehension. This passage, cute and rain-themed, is great to test how well 1st grade kids can read CVC words from the -et family: words like set and met.

The Short A

Few sounds in English are as common as the short "a". Complete this pdf fluency passage practice, where two lads – Pat and Tad – are fishing, as many times as you can. Recognize words with the short "a" in it.

CVC Words from -AG Family

Continue to challenge the emergent readers with exciting reading practice across a variety of CVC words! Find how many items Bob buys that are spelled with -ag. Identify CVC words from the -ag family.

Silent-E Words from -AKE Family

Jake is playing in the grass and sees a bunch of things. Thankfully, all things are real and not fake. In this part of our kindergarten fluency passages worksheets, read silent-e words from the -ake family.

The Long A

Kate enjoys living on a ranch! There are a plethora of activities that keep her happily busy! Help the up-and-coming readers fluently read this passage. Pay attention and gain proficiency in the long "a" sound.

The Short O

In this part of our reading fluency printable worksheets, teach children to read focusing on the short "o" sound to enhance their reading skills. Have fun with the green frog Willy, who loves the big log!

The Silent E

Improve your reading speed and accuracy with this silent-e passage! Read for fluency practice once or twice and get busy finding words with the silent "e". A fluency assessment pdf for grade 1 and grade 2.

CH Digraphs

Words like "chalk" and "cheese", where there's a digraph "ch" at the beginning, are a hoot! In this part of our printable fluency passages worksheets, identify words with the digraph "ch" occurring at the beginning.

The Silent E - More Practice

It's tempting when your mom is baking cakes! Wade doesn't just eat the cake, but he helps Mom make it too. Let the early readers leap ahead with this fluency passage, where they find instances of the silent "e".

R-Controlled Vowels

This part of our reading fluency worksheets is 3 activities in one! Children first read it for simple practice, then underline the words with r-controlled vowels in it, and finally answer a few questions.

The Long O

Help kids progress with this part of our reading fluency printable worksheets. It's about Joe loves fishing in the sunshine! Let kids read the passage and highlight words with the long "o". Great for 2nd grade!

The Long I

Have your first grade kids enhance their reading fluency with this fluency passage! Let the budding bookworms not only read the passage repeatedly for progress, let them also underline the long-i words in it.

The Long U

Inspired by Mary's art-making skills, this reading fluency passage pdf tests kids' reading fluency and comprehension skills. The specific phonic skill tested is finding and highlighting examples of the long "u".

The Long E

Watch kids monitor their progress with this fluency passage! The task is to identify the long-e words. Let them read it independently before reflecting on what to do to excel their own reading records.

The Short I

It's important that the aspiring readers continue to track their accuracy, expression, and speed. This fluency passage worksheet helps make a big stride with the short "i". Recognize examples of the short "i".

The Short U

Let 1st grade kids to fast-track their reading achievements by reading the same passage again with expression to better their reading rate. Underline the short “u” in this part of our reading fluency worksheets.

The Short E

Help children improve their ability to read fluently! Let them keep at it until their reading stops sounding robotic. Read this passage "Ned’s Pet" and practice the short “e” sound. Ideal for grade 1 and grade 2.

The Short I - More Practice

Let the 2nd grade readers gradually reduce the time they take to sound out, or decode, the words! This reading passage worksheet supports with the short "i" sound and prepares kids to produce it correctly.

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