Homophones Worksheets

What would happen if your recipe instructed to mix flower in the cake batter in place of flour or your story had readers looking in a hole instead of the whole of matter? Oops, the consequences of misusing homophones may be confusing or even amusing. So anchor the learning of children of kindergarten through grade 5. with our homophones worksheets, providing isolated and contextualized practice, with printables like, 'Homophones Illustrations, Crossword puzzle, Homophonic tales and poems to ensure integral learning. Explore some of them for free!

Homophones | Crossword

This activity could really get the 3rd grade children high on their excitement to dive into this printable and scoop up some homophones booty, attempting to solve the crossword puzzle using the correct word.

There, Their or They're

Despite the best efforts, few homophonic mistakes like these may slip into your children's work. Providing them with this drill is the best answer to reinforce understanding and use the correct word.

Homophones Chart

Since several high frequency words in English are homophones, an illustrative homophone chart is a great way to get underway with the words that are pronounced the same but differ in meaning.

Illustrated Homophones

Visualization is an effective technique to help your brain to distinguish the difference between homophonic words. This pdf worksheet familiarizes learners in grade 1 with homophones using illustrations.

Matching Homophones

Have your 1st grade and 2nd grade children recognize basic homophones and match them, to smooth the way for grasping the context of sentences subsequently, that have words with more than one meaning.

Complete the Homophonic Tale

Enjoy a ride with Kendra on her horse farm while infixing meaning into the story by using the correct homophone. Chomp at the bit and let not the wild horses drag you away from this activity!

Hunting for Homophones!

Familiarity with a word's parts of speech, definition or reading it in a context, will make it hard to misuse it. This is precisely the objective of this pdf homophones worksheet for grade 2 and grade 3. Don't miss the joy in the story!

Homophones Poem - Underline

What a fantastic way to learn homophones by allowing the mind to draw imagery in conjunction with the word, and creating a space in the memory to stay forever! Experience this with our poetic sojourn.

Picture Clue - Homophones

Children of grades 2 and 3 will get going with this 'fill in the blanks using pictorial clues' homophones worksheet in a jiffy as some fun practice and repetition can make learning anything but difficult.

Its vs It's

Some of the most common homophone mix-ups include 'its-it's'. Make learning of these abstract words easier with this printable, using various contexts, to remember the difference between these words.

Your vs You're

With a little extra time and patience, learning to differentiate between 'your-you're' doesn't have to be difficult. Children of grades 4 and grade 5 will sure be quick to do so, taking hints from the contexts.

To, too or two?

An exclusive worksheet on this homophonic triple or multinym will help young children avoid its misuse in the context of their sentences and remember their differences distinctly.

Complete the Sentence - Homophone

This pdf practice worksheet aims to expose learners in 4th grade and 5th grade to yet some more varieties of contexts in the form of sentences, to further cement their knowledge of the words commonly misused.

Two in One Homophones

Prompt students to take up this slightly challenging worksheet as a good opportunity to practice both the homophones in a single sentence to understand and remember their difference clearly.

Choose the correct Homophone - Review

We realize that homophones are best learned and remembered with time, patience, practice and repetition and thus have addressed this requirement adequately, with this homophones review printable.

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