Verbals Worksheets

What makes our free, printable verbals worksheets for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 children a breath of fresh air is how, thanks to a range of exercises, they deftly delineate the formation and functions of each of the three verbals: gerunds, infinitives, and participles. Although formed from the verb, a verbal is never used as an action word, making it quite an attention-grabber among grammar aficionados. Watch verbals spread their wings as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and more in our free verbal worksheets pdf.

Gerund Worksheets

Demystify the functions of a gerund with our gerund worksheets. Grab this treasure trove of exercises for 6th grade that center around words ending in "-ing" that are made from a verb and function like nouns.

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Infinitive Worksheets

Few things cast a sweeter spell on dedicated grammar enthusiasts than infinitives. Our exercises celebrate the diverse functions of an infinitive, getting children in grade 6 and grade 7 hooked from the get-go.

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Participle Worksheets

Explore how we bring to the fore the adjectival characteristics of a participle in our wide-ranging exercises designed to help the budding grammarians in grade 8 up their prep. Give your participle practice a flying start!

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Identifying Verbals as Gerunds or Participles

Imagine being your own protagonist in the verbal story! Your writing would reflect your glory, as you toggle between the gerunds and participles. Tell gerunds and participles apart from each other in this verbal worksheet pdf.

Completing Sentences Choosing between Gerunds and Infinitives

Use a gerund when talking about general likes/dislikes. By turns exciting and challenging, this section of printable verbals worksheets lets 6th grade and 7th grade children use the gerund/infinitive to complete each sentence.

Identifying Verbals as Gerunds, Infinitives, or Participles

If it’s an adjective, it has to be a participle. If it’s a noun, make no mistake, it is a gerund. As far as the infinitive is concerned, it is too easy to require explanation, so go cook up a verbal storm in your classroom.

Filling the Blanks with Gerunds, Infinitives, or Participles

Master the topic through and through with this verbals worksheet pdf, here we task the 7th grade and 8th grade students with filling the blanks with the gerund, infinitive, or participle form of the verb given in parentheses, as appropriate.