Fact and Opinion Worksheets

Acquiring the ability of distinguishing facts from opinions is essential in developing critical and analytical reading skills. Thus, we bring to our children grade 2 through grade 6, key insights intrinsic to hone this skill. Our pdf fact and opinion worksheets include lucid explanations and diverse activities that will offer ample opportunities to develop and strengthen the capability of ferreting out facts from a deluge of opinions. Children can add-on to their practice with the opinion writing prompts worksheets. And an interesting fact here is that some of these worksheets can be accessed free of cost.

Identify Facts and Opinions

Identifying facts or opinions in this printable worksheet will encourage students to explain or prove statements, that in turn will develop higher order thinking skills of analyzing and evaluating the reading material.

Animals - Fact and Opinion

Provide this opportunity to kids up to grade 5, to strengthen the skill of distinguishing facts from opinions, with this printable worksheet where they research and write interesting facts about their favorite animal.

Fact and Opinion - Chart

Our printable fact and opinion chart defines these two concepts explicitly with examples, and introduces the signal words and phrases that greatly assist in distinguishing factual statements from opinions.

Fact vs Opinion - Cut and Glue

Learn the strategy to differentiate facts from opinions, by looking for helpful clues in the form of signal words. Sort objective facts and subjective opinions in this fun hands-on activity for 2nd grade and 3rd grade kids.

Fact or Opinion? Coloring

"Learning, kids never do fear, for a coloring task is ever so dear." Get grade 3 and grade 4 students to recognize and reflect on these statements to hone their fact and opinion detecting abilities, rather colorfully.

Fact or Opinion?

Develop the ability in children through grade 5, to filter facts from opinions in sentences, with this pdf worksheet. Containing intermingled statements, the worksheet provides essential practice to read critically.

Identify if Fact or Opinion?

Use this innovative fact and opinion worksheet about Frank and Olivia, people that students can easily relate with. They will greatly benefit from this practice, to further their skills in this area.

Change Facts into Opinions

Here is an interesting activity pdf that will greatly benefit children through 4th grade and 5th grade, in changing a fact to form and express their own opinions. This will also help them as writers, check and avoid biases.

Write a Fact and an Opinion

Our fact and opinion writing worksheet combines critical and creative abilities of learners to reinforce effectively, how facts mean to inform and opinions mean to persuade or entertain.

The Statue of Liberty - Facts and Opinions

Enjoy this activity of penning down some facts and some opinions about the Statue of Liberty, that will not just help determine some interesting facts but also have fun sharing differing opinions.

Write your Opinion

Kids will get super creative with this fact and opinion pdf worksheet that allows them to complete the statements with opinions of their own choice. Now isn't this how they learn best?