Short A Worksheets

The simplicity and verve of our printable short "a" worksheets gets children in grade 1 and grade 2 to identify and pronounce the short "a" with perfection! A short "a" is no rocket science; it's in the "apple" you munch on and the "" you relax under. When the vowel “a” is placed before a consonant as in "cat", it just makes a short “a” sound. Let this be your watchword so you won't go astray practicing our pdf short "a" worksheets! Sample a little of this unmissable phonic resource with our free short "a" worksheets!

Distinguishing Short A Sounds

Ralph is gone a fishing in this part of our short “a” worksheet pdfs! He is looking for fish with short “a” words. Direct kids to look for them and color the fish orange.

Circling Short A Sounds

Pack your bags for a fun-filled identifying short “a” trip! In this pdf exercise for grade 1, children try saying the names of the pictures and circle those that capture their attention with the short “a” sounds.

Short A Chart

A perfect prologue to an eventful short “a” learning and practice that's set to soon unfold, this printable short "a" chart easily defines as well as supplies kids with lots of wonderful examples for it.

Short A Cut and Glue Activity

Push the front of the tongue further forward and hold it lower in the mouth while pronouncing the short "a”. In this grade 2 task, snip the letters and glue them under the correct pictures to form the short "a" words.

Unfolding A Mystery Short A Picture

Let the excitement, ingenuity, and industry of the short “a” help unravel the mystery picture in this printable worksheet. Kids in 1st grade recognize the short “a” words and color them green.

Unscramble Short A Words

Finding short “a” words is both a phonemically fulfilling and rewarding activity. Grade 1 kids figure out the short “a” names of pictures from jumbles of words. They then write the words in the blanks.

Coloring Short A Words

Spark interest with this printable worksheet that has a short "a" word in each pair of mittens. Identify the word that has a short "a" sound, color the mitten, and write the word in the space provided.

Reading, Writing & Matching

The activity in this 2nd grade pdf includes reading, writing, and matching to boot. Read the short “a” words. Write them on the lines. Match them to the correct images. A 3-tier short “a” worksheet!

Completing Sentences with Short A Words

Love phonics for the invaluable gift of short “a” it has blessed our reading and spelling with! In this part of our short "a" worksheets, read the sentences and pick correct short “a” words to complete them.

Memory Games

Test your memory with this section of our short “a” worksheets, where kids flip pairs of cards. If the cards that they flip match each other, they can keep both cards. The player with the most matching cards wins.

Short A Flashcards

Mary’s art-making genius is at work! All ready to paint, Mary has her mind set on a blue picture. Grade 1 children read on for more! They identify all examples of words with long “u” sounds and mark their findings.

Practicing Short A Sounds

Cut out the sentence cards with short "a" words, secure them with staples, and Voila your Grade 2 kids have their short "a" reading booklet ready! Watch kids flip through the pages in pride!

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