Prefix Worksheets

Understand the unique ways of prefixes to apply logic to words and decode them appropriately. Our explicit and comprehensive prefixes worksheets enable a multifaceted learning of common prefixes used in English, how they influence the change in meanings of the root words, negative prefixes and prefixes from Greek and Latin among many more. We present all these, employing versatile exercises and activities that will leave children of grade 1 through grade 5 yearning for more. We offer some free worksheets too!

Circle and Underline

We have designed this prefixes printable with an objective to instill more confidence in children to spot a prefixed word among a set of words or in a sentence, as an extended learning.

Combine Prefix with the Root Word

To tickle the brain of your little ones, here comes a prefix word box activity for them to pick up a suitable prefix, add to the right word and voila! There appears a brand new word.

Prefix-First Glance

Our first-glance worksheet on prefixes attempts to set the sight of our young learners on the basic concept of what are affixes and how they are integrated in English words.

Mark the Prefixes

Kids of grade 1 and grade 2will become eager to embark upon their fun-filled jaunt of prefixes with this illustrative worksheet, that gently nudges them to identify prefixes provided in this pdf worksheet.

Create words using Prefixes

Nurture your children through Grade 3, to attempt productive skill of creating words of their own, using the prefixes provided in this worksheet and take pride in seeing them flap their little wings.

Guess the Right Prefix

Picking up cues from the worksheet, encourage children to come up with a suitable prefix and word for each sentence context, while you sit back and enjoy the active guessing buzz.

Negative Prefixes Activity

Adding a prefix to produce a negative or opposite meaning is a widely used function of most English prefixes. This 'learning by doing' printable aims to provide sufficient practice of such prefixes.

Greek and Latin Prefixes

Do not let go of this opportunity to familiarize your 4th grade and 5th grade kids with prefixes that have their origin in our ancient languages and are still going strong with their ubiquity in English.

Split the Word

Children will enjoy doing this reverse exercise of splitting words into their root words, prefixes and suffixes provided in a tabular format for coherent understanding and practice.

Prefixes- Know More

Introduce the 1st grade and 2nd grade children to some commonly used prefixes and help them understand their meanings with some examples to lay a meaningful foundation.

Match the Prefix with its Root Word

Let's make the prefixes learning more divergent, and prompt 2nd grade and 3rd grade children to connect the prefixes with their meanings and their root words at a single stroke in this exercise.

Pick and Choose- Prefix MCQ

Have children enjoy doing this quick prefixes worksheet pdf containing multiple choice questions, while also introducing some new prefixes and reinforcing previous learning.

'Pre, Re and Post' Prefixes

The focal point of this pdf prefixes worksheet is to help 3rd grade children understand, how 'pre, re and post' when used as prefixes, influence the change in meanings of their root words.

Meanings with Prefixes

Venture into doing some independent learning by digging up meanings of words before and after adding prefixes, provided in this very engaging activity for young learners in grade 4 and grade 5.

Sorting Prefix and Suffix

Have your children do this simple but interesting pdf activity of categorizing words into containing either a prefix or suffix, to broaden their learning horizons further on the topic.

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