Allusion Worksheets

Glitz up your writing with our printable allusion worksheets, rich with a wealth of allusions for the aspiring writers in grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 to feast on. A popular literary device, allusions indirectly reference works of literature, mythology, history, or popular culture. Allusions heavily draw on the Bible and the Bard, making this figure of speech that does the job through implication a beauty. Our allusion worksheet pdfs include identifying allusions, identifying the source of allusions as literary, biblical, or mythological, writing sentences with allusions in context, writing the allusions used in a song of your choice, and more. Kick-start your practice with our free allusion worksheets!

Underlining Allusions

Contextualize your writing by borrowing expressions from mythology or literature and referencing famous people. This printable allusion worksheet, where you identify the allusion in each sentence, offers tremendous practice.

Identifying the Source of Allusions

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa has inspired art lovers around the world. It has inspired many an allusion, too. Identify each expression here as an allusion to Greek mythology, a piece of art, or a work of literature.

Circling and Explaining Allusions

If you're feeling down about your writing, allusions are one of your first ports of call. As a 6th grade or 7th grade student, you won't want to miss this exercise on identifying and writing the meaning of each allusion.

Underlining, Explaining, and Answering Allusion Questions

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had the Midas touch to thrive in every writing business you venture into! In this allusions worksheet pdf, underline and explain the allusions and use each allusion in a sentence or answer the question.

Allusions MCQ

Choose the correct meaning of each allusion, and leave your peers in grade 6 and grade 7 green with envy. This section of our allusions worksheets boasts some of the most celebrated allusions in English.

Explaining Mythological Allusions

Never get the wrong end of the stick as you interpret and write the meaning of each allusion to Greek mythology in this grade 8 printable worksheet. Gobble in a few moments several days' worth of mythological allusions.

Allusions from a Song

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has sparked off many a wonder and cast a spell on songsters around the world, who used the characters as allusions in their works. Choose a song with allusions, and answer the questions.

Identifying and Explaining Allusions

Continue to upgrade and grab more allusions, and don't sit on your laurels. In this allusions pdf for the 8th grade, children read each allusion, identify the source as biblical, literary, or mythological and write its meaning.